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About distribution of contribution to some destruction household

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 Why is income related to some destruction household so that there are subsidies regardless of income for complete destruction household and partial destruction household?



Answer from the prefecture

About contribution put to the prefecture, the Japanese Red Cross Society and community chest society, we distribute distribution standard into fate, each municipality in Kumamoto earthquake contribution distribution committee to constitute in the three persons.

In distribution to the municipalities, we aimed at the dead and severely wounded person and complete destruction and household of partial destruction for contribution distribution from judgment that support to victim that damage was heavier was necessary until now. On the other hand, it was decided that we distributed contribution of 100,000 yen into repair of part which life could not lack in in a part destruction household in the distribution committee held on last November 29 regardless of income for household which bore higher than 1 million yen because various burdens were forced to, and even person of some destruction household came like 0 0 states. Contribution had by domestic and foreign good will is limited, and there is what we distribute uniformly in the difficult situation.

Therefore, damage of dwelling house was heavy, and financial burden would distribute toward the big victim by the repair in some destruction household.

In addition, about "income" which asking was from 0 0 states, we do not arrange important matter in particular.

 We understand and will ask you in future as it follows about appropriate distribution of the whole contribution and considers while seeing the decision situation of earthquake disaster damage or the acceptance situation of contribution and will request expansion of public support to a part destruction household for country.


(December, 2016 answer department in charge: Health and Social Services Policy Division)




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