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About introduction of after giving birth nursing care center categorical assistance

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Contents of opinion, suggestion

 In some areas of Fukuoka and Kagoshima, the furtherance of nursing care center fee is carried out in after giving birth. Oneself used in after giving birth, but thinks that baby was able to rest oneself. As we think that it may be connected for decrease in neglect by improvement of nursing care center in after giving birth let alone supported thing toward the environment that cannot return, we want you to work on system introduction to give the birth rate.



Answer from the prefecture

About support for the mother and the child just after childbirth that had opinion this time, there is approach that the municipalities called "after giving birth care business" carry out. As for this approach, one-day accommodation for the mother and the child just after discharge; or, by visit, perform mental and physical care (including breast massage) or childcare support, and Gyokutomachi carries out in the prefecture.

Examination is done for conduct of this approach in each municipality and provides information that is necessary as the prefecture at good time and will support now.

In addition, we plan reinforcement of support for the pregnancy, childbirth, the child care period without interruption in cooperation with related organizations including the municipalities to be able to think that it is in "Kumamoto in the prefecture if we make child care". As we will work on the making of Kumamoto to bring up child in the whole society, and to protect well, understanding and cooperation to prefectural government, please continuously.

In closing, 0 0 thinks that it may be struggled for the first childcare every day. About child care, please feel free to contact having a problem and 0 0 health center to live if there are any troubles. Healthy growth of child and 0 of 0-like you enjoy child care and hope that it is glistened.


(December, 2016 answer department in charge: Child’s Future Support Division)




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