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July 6, 2018 governor regular news conference

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The governor regular news conference

The date and time: From Friday, July 6, 2018 10:00
Place: The governor visitor's room



Interview record

 We publish interview record or information materials of the governor regular news conference.
 In addition, we arrange to be easy to read so as not to spoil purpose of remark of the governor.



 About world heritage registration of "Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection assets of the Amakusa district"

Report matter

 About visit to Taiwan

Announcement item

 About volunteer offer of "2019 girl handball world championships"

Announcement item

 About the export of agriculture and forestry fishery products results regional in 2017

Announcement item

  Kumamoto destination campaign title logo, decision!

 "More bear gourmets" start!

Questions and answers

 It is 1 about execution to condemned criminal Matsumoto

 About volunteer offer of Rugby World Cup

 About maintenance of disaster public housing

 About the export of agriculture and forestry fishery products results regional in 2017

 About safety measures of wall made of blocks

 It is 2 about execution to condemned criminal Matsumoto

 About Tateno dam construction


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[about world heritage registration of "Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection assets of the Amakusa district"]

Governor Kabashima

 Prior to announcement, there is comment.

 "Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district" including "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" were officially registered with world's cultural heritage on July 4 as all of you knew.

 In Amakusa-shi, public viewing to relay the deliberation situation of world heritage Committee was held. At moment of registration decision, the person concerned and many local all of you hear that joy was shared grandly including the Nakamura (Amakusa) mayor. I offer people concerned my sincere congratulations some other time.

 In addition, time of 11 years passes until registration after provisional list arrived in in 2007 and is very grateful for country and Nagasaki, longtime effort of the relations local government including Amakusa-shi and the help of many of you on this occasion until now.

 We will send charm of Kumamoto to home and abroad to convey "﨑tsushuraku of Amakusa" as "the human common treasure" in history while planning appropriate maintenance of assets sequentially, and to provide impression in visiting.


Report matter

[about visit to Taiwan]

Governor Kabashima

 There is report successively.

 From July 1 to 3rd, we visited Taiwanese Taipei City with Chairperson of Sakata prefectural assembly. Purpose of visit is three.

 The first is the presentation of contribution for "Taiwan blooming lotus earthquake" which did hatsuwazawai in the eastern part of Taiwan on February 7, this year for Taiwanese Executive Yuan.

 We presented about 11 million yen that we called around the prefecture and raised to be able to have you help revival.

 The second is courtesy visit to Chen chrysanthemum Taiwan Presidential Office chief secretary.

 Chen chief secretary came to Kumamoto on hatsuwazawai Kumamoto earthquake whom we worked as during Mayor Takao holding the office quickly and had you send words of encouragement and great contribution and had you encourage hurt Kumamoto very much.

 We met Chen chief secretary in person this time and told about words for "blooming lotus earthquake in Taiwan" of encouragement and will of thanks for support from Taiwan to Kumamoto earthquake.

Governor Kabashima

The third is the top sales to the China Airlines head office.

 We talked together with apology world Ken, president of China Airlines and, about Kumamoto - Takao line, confirmed that we would work on utilization promotion under both sides cooperation in future. And we requested Kumamoto - Taipei Line establishment newly.

 Apology president had interest and, about Kumamoto - Taipei Line, had powerful words that we tried to think about this positively as China Airlines.

 We want to let you accelerate discussion with China Airlines for realization of the new service of Kumamoto - Taipei line even if we assume this prefecture.

 Exchange of opinions with Taiwanese government office in this visit and China Airlines will think that it was significant at all in future in promoting interchange with Taiwan.

 We will work to be able to get concrete result toward realization of "creation of new Kumamoto connected to the world" continuously in the future.


Announcement item

[about volunteer offer of "2019 girl handball world championships"]

 It recruits volunteers of "2019 girl handball world championships"! (PDF: 255.3 kilobytes) We open with the other window

Governor Kabashima

 Then we move to announcement.

 On this month 18, it is another 500 days until "2019 girl handball world championships".

 We start volunteer offer to have you support this meeting from day of this turning point.

 The number of people to raise is 2,500 people. Moreover, as well as Kumamoto-shi, Yatsushiro-shi, Yamaga-shi of the holding local government, whole prefecture thinks that we will participate in appeal, many various places widely outside the country.

 Volunteer people are existence important at all to send charm of Kumamoto to the world through meeting administration and hospitality now to play an active part in the soccer World Cup held.

 We made use of individuality and special ability of volunteer all of you and had visitors with smile and, with thought to want you to color meeting gorgeously, named team name "KUMAMOTO COLORS".

 It is administration volunteer and language study volunteer of meeting to recruit. It is golden opportunity for people wanting to do, international exchange that want to heap up Kumamoto.

 In addition, we look forward to not only individual but also participation by group unit, company unit and plan offers such as uniform or souvenir as privilege.

 In addition, we are having, thank you, many people apply about volunteer of Rugby World Cup raising now. But volunteer people ending soon are required to let meeting succeed.

 As we raise sequentially, we have you participate in many of you with women's handball world championships by all means in addition and want to greet customer from the world in all Kumamoto.


Announcement item

[about the export of agriculture and forestry fishery products results regional in 2017]

 About the export of agriculture and forestry fishery products results regional in 2017 (PDF: 232.3 kilobytes) We open with the other window

Governor Kabashima

 It is announcement that we follow.

 In the prefecture, we promote overseas market reclamation that is huge market aiming at "realization of a certain competitiveness agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry".

 We announce as we added up the export of regional agriculture and forestry fishery products results of 2017.

 The export results of 2017 rose about 530 million yen from last year and were record-high 5.39 billion yen. As a result, we were able to achieve aim of the kabashimakemmatsurigoto third sitting to make export 5.1 billion yen by 2019 ahead of schedule for two years.

 We go to myself Hong Kong and sold the top and think that it is result that worked on market reclamation continuously in cooperation with companies working on local sale promotion and affiliate and export including business talk society with overseas buyer until now.

 This result is very bright topic and gives young generation to carry agriculture in the future "dream" while we work on creative revival from Kumamoto earthquake.

 We set new aim to make export amount of money 6 billion yen by 2019 and will work toward further export expansion positively in future.

Announcement item
[Kumamoto destination campaign title logo, decision!
 It is the last announcement.
 "Destination campaign" to emphasize sightseeing spot, Kumamoto in the whole country is developed from next July to support revival from Kumamoto earthquake. We report as campaign title and LOGO were decided.
 This destination campaign develops national-scale promotion activity and trip product in connection with JR group and calls in more tourists to Kumamoto from all over Japan.
Governor Kabashima

 Campaign title "is motto the five senses, view movement trip to sound more! Bear more. We added illustration of KUMAMON to logo.

 We repeated discussions in the prefecture and each local Sightseeing Association and made this title with thought to "want Kumamoto to experience impression that sounded through the five senses to want to see that wanted to go in Kumamoto more!".

 We utilize this title and logo to the maximum and will plan mood breeding for destination campaign of the summer of next year in future.

 In addition, we are developing "Kumamoto ba keshon" in connection with JR Kyushu as pre-campaign of this approach now.

 We put main campaign "more bear gourmets" whom we featured the theme of together from this month 15, and line does "meal" and carries out to further enhance the effect in the prefecture and federation of sightseeing in Kumamoto.

 Speaking of standard of meal of Kumamoto that we looked at from outside the prefecture, basashi and mustard lotus root are famous.

 By this campaign, we introduce standard of new Kumamoto including sweets which local gourmet, citizen of the prefecture such as "dirt beef bowl" and "tubular fish meat salad" love let alone such a standard.

 We publicize "meal" that is big element of sightseeing purpose chiefly and will work on "ba" through surprising experience to have you come to like Kumamoto more and yet more.

 That is all for today's announcement.

Questions and answers

●It is 1 about execution to condemned criminal Matsumoto

(secretary company)

 At first, the death penalty of Defendant Chizuo Matsumoto, also known as Shoko Asahara was carried out, so comment as the governor, please though we think that we drift by the news today.

Governor Kabashima

 About execution, we agree on the news. In Ministry of Justice, we take that it was pushed forward as legal procedure.

 Regardless of past terrorism that condemned criminal Matsumoto and Aum Shinrikyo caused, we are thinking that any terrorism is never allowed.

 In the next year, various big events including international athletic meet are held in Kumamoto. In cooperation with the prefectural police, we want to make sure of ensuring safety including counterterrorism to protect life and property of citizen of the prefecture.


Questions and answers

●About volunteer offer of Rugby World Cup

(secretary company)

 Concerning volunteer offer like point, we want you to tell if the present volunteer current situation of Rugby World Cup is found.

Governor Kabashima

 Though we think that we said some time ago, it is stage that we almost gather. But it is stage that one which I run out of a little more continues further recruiting.

[towards ※ secretariat] Do you know in mouchottogadonokuraika, the secretariat?

The secretariat

 It is the international sports (meeting) promotion secretariat. About rugby, we are having application more than 400 now.

 We are thinking now that we gather a little less than 600 meeting volunteers by the deadline. That is all.


Governor Kabashima

 It means a little more.


Questions and answers

●About maintenance of disaster public housing

(secretary company)

 Though topic is different from announcement item, at last disaster public housing is completed, and victim is broken into by, so would you tell other day Nishihara-mura 1,735 maintenance plans if there are any aims to want to end entering almost when all the for the prefecture today in reputation stopper and prefecture though the key to finished disaster public housing handing over is performed, and the first entering is to begin though the municipalities are done?


Governor Kabashima

 Though I observed disaster public housing of Nishihara-mura, we are good very much and then the room is beautiful and thinks that it is fantastic public housing which laid emphasis on the formation of community very much. This disaster public housing becomes the last stronghold which lost house in this earthquake (for). We hope that this is completed as soon as possible.

 The planned number of houses of this disaster public housing is 1,735 (door). 1,289 houses becoming 70% of those start design, construction. It is actually 413 houses becoming 20% of the whole that start construction.

 We pray for being able to contribute to security of house which right or wrong this is completed by spring in 2020 as I promised in "emphasis ten items" as we are advancing in such a thing steadily now and is new. That is aim.

(secretary company)

 That is all from secretary company. We would like the companies.


Questions and answers

●About the export of agriculture and forestry fishery products results regional in 2017


 We think that it is fantastic while it supports earthquake disaster that the export of agriculture and forestry fishery products (the results) was accomplished ahead of schedule for aim two years, and 6 billion yen is set newly (aim) this time, and would the big factor tell new strategy corresponding to that?

Governor Kabashima

 Though myself did the top sales as said some time ago though it is factor, there is not with that alone. For example, we have Kumamoto come toward the overseas buyer and perform business talk party. In addition, conduct of overseas promotion. Then we think that KUMAMON played a very big role. Though it is very important that proprietor works continuously or the person in charge works, it is that that was big at all.

 Though log for United States is forest product, it is one factor that these increased. Then strawberries having increased from beef that for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore which was mainstream item of export. We think that such a thing is tied to this increase.

 Though it achieved aim of 4 years early for two years, it does not satisfy 5.1 billion yen in that, and it is aim of 6 billion yen that raised further aim. Though person in charge thinks that we may be probably confident.



 Is there something like any new strategy?

Governor Kabashima

 When though there are some, we perform the local top sales and sale promotion, invitation of buyer and perform, for example, development of market about agricultural and livestock products newly. Then, about the prefecture producers working on export, it is new approach that supports part assistance of export expense and the field support with foreign countries office.

 We think that it wants to promote export development of highly advanced artefacts such as sawing product and wood, housing part from raw materials export about forest products such as logs in this way. Then, as the Olympics, the Paralympics or reaction of prosperity after Kumamoto earthquake revival, there is concern about fall of wood demand several years later. Though it is very important how you soften that, we work in new foreign countries development by Japanese-style room, and there is what want to plan creative revival of wood industry about forest products.

 About the third fishery products, push forward the making of network for the export of new fishery products expansion in the prefecture sequentially, and of export product by participation in field business talk society or seminar dig, and want to work on raising and reclamation of export country.

 For each new aim, it is to have begun new approach.

Questions and answers

●About safety measures of wall made of blocks


 Policy to all remove wall made of blocks was shown the other day partly because the incompatible number of the points about wall made of blocks of owned by a prefecture facility including Board of Education, the number of the facilities were announced on 4th and got older on this occasion.

 As such, actually, we were 2 years or more after Kumamoto earthquake, and there were dead person, damage including injury by Kumamoto earthquake though we thought that it was not to deny.

 With if, for example, have stolen at early stage, measures called these all removal not having possibilities to have to tell about supposition, it thinking that it is thought that such a sacrifice did not get up in Osaka, the governor receiving earthquake in Osaka coped with in this timing; how do think about having been coped? Or we want to visit the neighborhood whether there was not method to do early.


Governor Kabashima

Governor Kabashima

 We think that it is question the dead by collapse of wall made of blocks appeared (by 2016 Kumamoto earthquake), so we will not agree with now, and why even Kumamoto did not cope then.

 We performed thing called the removal and safety measures of dangerous building that it was thought to the maximum which various buildings collapsed by Kumamoto earthquake, and many people included wall made of blocks in rather than viewpoint legal in those days while it was sacrificed and worked on restoration, revival with every effort again.

 Though pitiful accident of this Osaka happened in that, there is when we investigate in viewpoint that is legal originally for the prefecture in viewpoint that such a situation do not occur at this time. Therefore, owned by a prefecture facility decided policy called principle removal about not only incompatible wall but also walls which passed more than 20 years.

 We want to have you take safety measures against security, relief of citizen of the prefecture well by all means about the municipalities and private wall.

 The situation to focus only on this wall made of blocks in the case of that Kumamoto earthquake did not have. Though that was not just finally doing chief attention only of that to wall made of blocks for creative revival in that because it is so big earthquake, we further focus on that from lesson of next Osaka earthquake and are to be just doing measures. Wall made of blocks itself attracts attention very much now, and, with wall made of blocks as a part of the whole, it can say (in those days) that room came all the more out to Kumamoto again.



 Thank you. It may be that there was not in the situation making efforts in what called the wall made of blocks in those days, it is that this correspondence stands on earthquake of Osaka, for the present story, is it all right by understanding that decided removal of wall made of blocks by judgment more than standards of the method including reflection that did not do that at this time though, as a result, we are not doing after Kumamoto earthquake judging from the current way of talking of the governor for Kumamoto?


Governor Kabashima

 Yes. That means that accident of wall made of blocks of this Osaka was pitiful accident. For removal completion until the end of August, we want to get along quickly from now on. Particularly, we think that school facility must be open early.



 Excuse me, it is one point, will correspondence about private wall made of blocks which included the municipalities be what kind of in future now though the governor said some time ago?


Governor Kabashima

 Though we think that it will be said that we send that we want you to take measures that then it is necessary when then this actually wants you to confirm safely well by all means because it is important about company with private enterprise, we think that it is not said that the prefecture does by oneself.

 This from of the person in charge about now (please explain) [towards ※ secretariat]


The secretariat

 It is Architecture Division. About safety measures of private block, we think that it is essential for owner, manager to have a sense of crisis last as critical mind. Therefore, before being informed from country; to each municipality is, and ask to have warn through (the municipalities) public relations magazines about safety measures of wall made of blocks of private facility widely.

 We put together and are the situation that asks for common knowledge to the master of building to building affiliate. In addition, we arrange consultation desk as we think that person having anxiety comes to wall made of blocks of home.

 We want to announce in future while experts such as authorized architects coordinate with affiliate about consultation, investigation, window. Besides we want to send consultation system construction and information in the municipalities in future in cooperation with building affiliates. That is all. 


Questions and answers

●It is 2 about execution to condemned criminal Matsumoto


 Though you appeared some time ago, as for the condemned criminal Defendant Matsumoto, even in Kumamoto native place and former Naminoson have facility though it is execution of Defendant Chizuo Matsumoto, also known as Shoko Asahara, and there was trouble with inhabitants, but how do you take about today's execution that there was trouble from Kumamoto as such a person appeared, so includes about such a thing? Please let know.


Governor Kabashima

 As Kumamoto native place, that that it is disappointing as we serve that such an incident happened thinks that it was pushed forward as legal procedure in Ministry of Justice as said about execution itself in a while ago though there is and thinks that any terrorism is not allowed regardless of Aum Shinrikyo having caused.



 It is related, and when you knew the notice for the first time, what kind of thing was thought about, or would you tell though it is to know today's notice by the news?


Governor Kabashima

 It is one case that is shocking in my life. When we knew the first report called the execution though it might be said that we were from Kumamoto about condemned criminal Asahara because it was case to remain in memory most, we felt that time this has come.

 However, we think that you must prevent that we take that terrorism is never forgiven in our heart in Japan and have such a case without parrot case, such an incident further happening some other time.

 As I am the governor, it is very important role to protect life and property of citizen of the prefecture. In cooperation with the prefectural police, we want to lay emphasis on ensuring safety including counterterrorism.

Questions and answers
●About Tateno dam construction


 We ask about another one point. Though it is Tateno dam, our newspaper reports as "the body start of construction on August 5", as the prefecture, how is grasped about this schedule? Though it is still explanation, or some says that we demand with discussion meeting to that and inhabitants, we hope to confirm posture as the prefecture some other time.
Governor Kabashima
 We hear that the ceremony of start of construction is carried out on August 5. In addition, we think that what country which is driven by business explains carefully is important about explanation to citizen of the prefecture pertaining to Tateno dam construction though it is question called explanation to citizen of the prefecture. We perform many approaches to get understanding of local residents so far, and I hear that we will continue such an approach in future.
 We want to request that we have you fulfil accountability sequentially for country as the prefecture. This is stance of the prefecture.
 What we hear on August 5 is in response to explanation (need) from MLIT.
Governor Kabashima
(secretary company)
 Are the companies good? Then that is all. Thank you.
                                                               (the above)

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