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Presentation of pear "Rei Aki" from JA Kumamoto fruit ream and national pear study meet held report (Kumamoto prefectural government office)

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The presentation of pear "Rei Aki" from August 19 JA Kumamoto fruit ream

 On Monday, August 19, Governor Kabashima received the presentation of pear "Rei Aki" from the chairperson of Director Representative Hashimoto at JA Kumamoto fruit.

The feature is that it is delicious, and pear "Rei Aki" makes production center as "face of Kumamoto" and unusual kind that it is very indulgently ahead of positioning, the whole country, and it is amount of production of the whole country first place, and Kumamoto invites the golden age of shipment now in the end of August.

In addition, there was request for cooperation to the prefecture for success of meeting because it was decided that national pear study meet holding was held in Kumamoto in 2021 of the year after next.

After sampling, as for the governor, it was admired saying "it was sweet and is delicious." and publicized taste of Kumamoto pear in national pear study meet of 2021 very much and was encouraged when we wanted you to connect with expansion and improvement of consumption in income of producer.

The presentation of pear Rei Aki from JA Kumamoto fruit ream

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