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Governor of world Little League meet Japanese team courtesy

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Governor of world Little League meet Japanese team courtesy

 Courtesy in the governors Tenma Hoshiko and Yagi Miyabi Tao of representative from Japan who won the championship at the 38th world Little League meeting held in Rome in Italy until Wednesday on 7th from Friday, August 2 on Wednesday, September 4 and relations; was done.

 "We play an active part in Koshien in high school, and Hoshiko wants to do the best so that it is chosen as representative from Japan again."

 As for Yagita, report of meeting and future ambition were talked about saying "we often learned from other representatives from Japan and want to make use in High School Baseball.".

 Governor Kabashima to not only "baseball but also both players as for the achievement of the same age. We gave dream and hope and were big encouragement and would repeat efforts towards new aim in future and stated, we expect what was greatly jumped to.

We shook handshake with both players, and the governor became peaceful courtesy brightly.

Governor of world Little League Japanese team courtesy

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