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President courtesy visit that Korean sightseeing public corporation Li comes on Tuesday, June 15 (i Cham)

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 Korean young person actor paku sufan of president and performer that plum of Korea sightseeing public corporation of sponsor came prior to "age memory Concert harmony held on the evening of the same day on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 15 among 2010-2012 visit to Korea" (theater Kumamoto Prefectural o:) (i Cham), i yonho had courtesy of the governor.
 Promotion of Korea was done against the world, and when "year of Korea visit" was publicized, the governor utilized Kumamoto - Seoul line very much, and national sightseeing project set for three years from this year accepted President Li when we wanted to perform aggressive interchange united with citizen of the prefecture.
 In addition, we talked pleasantly with two ways of performer about commemorative concert of the day or activity in future Japan peacefully.

President courtesy visit that Korean sightseeing public corporation Li comes (i Cham)

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