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It is report from Exploratory Committee about the future plan of Megumi Kikuchi maple garden on Tuesday, December 1

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megumikaedeenkamaesohotsuge 11:30, Governor Kabashima received report from committee member (Mayor Goshi, various places of person of entrance Student Council) of Exploratory Committee about plan in the future of Megumi Kikuchi maple garden on Tuesday, December 1.
 Plan is settled via Exploratory Committee of ten times in total in the future in this October from last November, and it is included that "long-term care, medical care" plans sanatorium including invitation of welfare facilities and symbiosis with area as three themes by "the socialization" "enlightenment".
 The governor undergoes report; and, toward "prejudice of Hansen's disease and discriminatory cancellation, make an effort about enlightenment. For right protection of person of entrance, we stated, we pressure to work on so that the budget for country was secured.

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