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Wednesday, May 1 2013 Minamata disease victim memorial service type (Minamata-shi)

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 Memorial service-type, on Wednesday, May 1 when we reached the 57th year from Minamata disease formula confirmation, Minamata disease victim in eco-park Minamata pro-water green tract of land "monument of Minamata disease memorial service" in front of Minamata-shi attended at Governor Kabashima.
 It was attended, and, in memorial service type, Minister of the Environment Ishihara performed silent prayer or offering of flowers including patient, victims and the bereaved and prayed victim's soul may rest in peace.
 The governor in speech of prayer "tell home and abroad, and follow about local reproduction, and, through holding of the Minamata treaty Diplomatic Conference and making of rich seas meeting of the whole country about mercury, push forward history and lesson of Minamata disease and figure of Minamata as environment city. Furthermore, Kumamoto stated, we are determined to work with every effort in future for various problems about the issue of Minamata disease.

Minamata disease victim memorial service type

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