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Wednesday, October 2 "Kumamoto, bath motion section" establishment press conference (Kumamoto-shi)

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 On Wednesday, October 2, Governor Kabashima attended at press conference of "Kumamoto, bath motion section" establishment held in hotel Kumamoto terusa.
 This press conference announced establishment of special mission team "Kumamoto, bath motion section" (under an alias: bath mo section) to have "bath motion" (promotion) of "hot spring" which was strength of sightseeing in Kumamoto toward the whole country, and entertainer, mokkosu fire which KUMAMON, Yoshimoto Kogyo of Susanne of Manager of Advertising Department Kumamoto and Sales Manager Kumamoto lived in rushed to support and was finished in the large prosperity.
 In bath mo section, we will send charm of bath culture of Kumamoto including issuance of "Kumamoto bath handbook" which commented on "two hot spring effects" advocated by Kumamoto (hot flash mon effect, fair skin mon effect) and establishment of special Web site toward the whole country in future.

) "Kumamoto, bath motion section" establishment press conference

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