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Thursday, December 13 boo fi mun living-in-Fukuoka Vietnam consul general governor courtesy (Kumamoto prefectural government office)

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 On Thursday, December 13, Governor Kabashima received courtesy visit of living-in-Fukuoka Vietnam consulate general Vu Huy Mung (boo fi mun) consul general.
 We had you make an effort for Vietnam and interchange of Kumamoto as the first consul general after the Vietnamese consulate general was set up on April 22, 2009 by Fukuoka, but duty for about three and a half years is finished at the end of this month and, as for boo fi mun consul general, is gone back to own country.
 The governor "appreciates that we had you make an effort for Kumamoto and interchange of Vietnam so far very much. Vietnam grows rapidly as new growth engine of ASEAN and will hide possibility of interchange with Kumamoto in various fields in future. We stated, please cooperate with Kumamoto for interchange in Vietnam even if he/she returned to own country.
 As a result, consul general "Vietnam and Japan establish diplomacy, and will reach the 40th anniversary next year. As Vietnam had much charm like Kumamoto, it was stated, we want Governor Zehi to visit Vietnam next year.

Consul general of living-in-Fukuoka Vietnam governor courtesy

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