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Monday, November 5 Takao city government representative visit group visit to Taiwan

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 On Monday, November 5, Governor Kabashima received courtesy visit of the Chen chrysanthemum (chingiku) mayors of Takao, Taiwan City.
 Asia Pacific city Summit (Asia Pacific Cities Summit) is held for the purpose of promoting business between big cities in Asia, the Pacific and ties between the governments in Takao City in next September, and forums by participation of more than 1,000 various places are planned from cities the world 100 or more.
 Governor Kabashima is invited to the summit by Chen Mayor Kiku, and "Takao City pushes forward town development in consideration for environment and, like Kumamoto, lays emphasis on the spread of solar panel. It was stated, we want the governor to visit Takao Zehi city next year.
 As a result, Governor Kabashima "Kumamoto regards interchange with Taiwan and Takao City as important. On the top sale of the governor who held in Taiwan in next January, it was stated, we want to visit Takao City by all means.

Takao city government representative visit group visit to Taiwan

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