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Opinion about use of Baidu IME

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We saw the news about use of Baidu IME, but security awareness is too low, and there are many numbers, too. You met saying "the prefecture explains", "there is fear of personal information outflow, but there is not plan of investigation at present as we do not know way of checking", but what are you thinking about? Does consciousness for information not become low because it is such a consciousness? Including future thing, you clarify who is responsible and should cope. (prefecture 40s)


[answer from the prefecture] 

About the issue of letter information transmission to Baidu Corporation by this Baidu IME, we sincerely apologize for causing worry named mint. We cannot but say that security awareness and regime were insufficient and take that a large quantity of data were sent outside the prefectural office heavily.

Also, we grasp the use situation of PC which information was sent to and what kind of data might be sent to Baidu Corporation or are pushing forward investigation now how Baidu IME caused data leak was installed.

In addition, about transmission from the PC in agency concerned to Baidu Corporation, we cut off on December 27, last year and are not doing data transmission to the agency outside afterwards.

It is sincere and takes this matter and, toward prevention of recurrence, will act for thorough information security education for the staff with reinforcement such as introduction checks of software to PC.

(January, 2014 answer information Planning Division)

[the situation after answer]

About correspondence to Japanese character input assistance software "Baidu IME", we published result report that gathered up preventive measures against investigation, confirmation result, cause and recurrences on February 13, 2014 in prefectural homepage.


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