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Opinion about KUMAMON square

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No matter how much "KUMAMON square" which we opened in July always performs with the crowdedness, it is cannot see KUMAMON. We want to increase the appearance number of times of KUMAMON and to improve. We want you to appear on weekdays. (prefecture 30s)

[answer from the prefecture] 

 Thank you very much for visiting "KUMAMON square" many times. But we are very sorry that you were not able to touch KUMAMON close and think.

 The situation that cannot but limit entrance from the viewpoint of ensuring safety of customer continues "KUMAMON square" has many customers visit since opening particularly to be crowded very much in living-in-hall time of KUMAMON.

 Therefore we perform invention such as walking slowly while high-fiving to be able to come in contact with customer having to wait out of hall even a little in visit and taikanji of KUMAMON.

  We increase the visit number of times of KUMAMON as having had you suggest this time and want many people who had you visit are, they to come in contact with right or wrong KUMAMON, but KUMAMON visits whole country each place including the prefecture to spread charm of Kumamoto to much as sales manager of Kumamoto and is the situation that it is all this could do for the present.

 As we adjust schedule of KUMAMON from thought that we want to send spirit to various local all of you as possible, we would appreciate your understanding.

 About "KUMAMON square", we want to examine policy that more customers are satisfied with.

 It follows and would appreciate your supporting in future as we will make an effort while having valuable opinion from all of you to be able to grow up to better facility.

(October, 2013 answer Kumamoto brand promotion section)

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