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Opinion about the young people's employment

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 We are anxious about contemporary young man not having work very much. When nation does not greatly revolutionize company either, we become irreparable. (prefecture 70s)

[answer from the prefecture] 

 Environment surrounding the young people's employment is still severe and recognizes young people's employment support with big problem.

 Therefore, in the prefecture, we establish "job cafe Kumamoto" as approach of young people's employment support in Kumamoto-shi and provide employment support services such as counseling or job placement for people almost under 35 by one stop. In addition, we install "job cafe brunch" in each Regional Promotion Bureau and are carrying out smooth employment support that accepted each young man who wish to find a job in the whole prefecture.

 In "area young man support station" of four prefecture, we rely depending on the individual situation and perform smooth support to support occupational independence about young man having difficulty in stop-at-home or school refusal attending society.

 Furthermore, we utilize urgent job creation fund and perform young people's employment support such as placement of member of approach connecting with the common use employment by the business training and offer of job opportunity in the prefecture company and employment support to high school, university in emphasis.

  The prefecture follows to be able to get job that young people open work that oneself wants to do, own possibility, and they will support. I would like understanding and cooperation to prefectural government continuously.

(March, 2013 answer) labor employment section


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