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Opinion about Kumamoto family of mother and child employment support class

The last update date:

    There is no day care at the time of class in Kumamoto family of mother and child employment support class.
    Small child is necessary to say family of mother and child. Naturally day care is necessary.
    It cannot be understood what kind of thing it is if there is not day care though eligible people are families of mother and child.
    There is day care in class in Kumamoto-shi maternal and child welfare center. We want to hear reason without day care in class in the prefecture.
    (prefecture, 30s)

 [answer from the prefecture]

    Kumamoto families of mother and child this year had indication not to be able to receive day care service in the class for qualification that employment, independence support center held.
    Class this year decided to almost find the number of the lectures of the same number with last year to have mothers as many as possible take class in limited budget.

    Therefore, it is in a situation that I cannot but reduce day care service and is sorry not to be able to measure up to requests.
    About class of the next fiscal year, we think that we want to take opinion that we had this time into account.

    In addition, families of mother and child would appreciate your talking with employment, independence support center casually as day care gives a service after prior consultation in the class this year.

    In this prefecture, we perform various support projects for employment, child care, life, economical support and securing of expense of bringing up children for single-parent families.
    As it is Kamimashiki welfare office that has jurisdiction over Mashiki-machi to live, please feel free to contact. In addition, please use this in addition as families of mother and child perform delivery of e-mail magazine for carrying to tell about the administrative latest information in employment, independence support center.

    Reference: It is independence support center Tel.096-351-8777 employment such as families of mother and child
                             Kamimashiki welfare office               Tel.096-282-7328

(September, 2009 answer)    Declining birthrate measures section

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