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Opinion about access improvement to Kumamoto

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  We suggest the Kumamoto Airport - Kumamoto city of the weekend, increase in the number of flights of nonstop bus to Kumamoto Airport - Aso hot spring resort and PR of airport rent-a-car.
  Traffic access from Kumamoto, Tokyo and Osaka is inconvenient, and this is because it thinks that it can expect that tourists increase from the future by improving this. Tokyo, inhabitants of urban area of Osaka hold admiration for Kumamoto.

    The current situation accesses Fukuoka Airport, and pattern moving from Fukuoka to Aso is the center afterwards, and duration of stay in Kumamoto is short. It is because access of Kumamoto Airport is inconvenient.

    Is access improvement from airport not necessary to increase tourists, and to activate economy of Kumamoto either?
    It increases the number of flights of airport bus on the weekend, and would you like to publicize good access?
    And airport being located near Aso and one publicizing airport rent-a-car in addition may be good as rent-a-car is convenient to go around Aso.
    (outside the prefecture, 20 generations)

[answer from the prefecture]

    Firstly we introduce the present situation of public transport access from Aso Kumamoto Airport and the approach situation for improvement.

    At first, about access to the Kumamoto-shi center area, "airport limousine" to JR Kumamoto Station is operated via central city area. Because a lot of use of business purpose is anticipated as well as sightseeing about this airport limousine, it is traveled, and, regardless of day, 38 flights (about 2.7 flights per one hour) as 49 flights (about 3.2 flights per one hour) as the up flight to JR Kumamoto Station per day, descent flight to Aso Kumamoto Airport per day come to be able to enjoy the inside of car announcement by Susanne whom Manager of Advertising Department Kumamoto acts as from this May.

    Then, about access to the Aso area, "Kyushu crossing bus" reaching Beppu-shi "echo" via Kurokawa Onsen to tie up Kumamoto - Oita interval to as bus between cities is operated. Regardless of day, one-way ten flights per day, one-way four flights are operated each, but this echo, Kyushu crossing bus think that there is aspect causing inconvenience in the case of the use in sightseeing purpose particularly because we remain in an hour less than 1 service.

    In such inside, prefecture, we are wrestling for development of new airport access means that utilized JR Hohi Line reaching Aso, the Oita area from JR Kumamoto Station now to improve convenience of public transport access from Aso Kumamoto Airport to the Kumamoto-shi center area, the Aso area more.

    Specifically, for about one month from October through November, we start from JR Higo-Ozu Station (Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun) that is the nearest station of Aso Kumamoto Airport last year and perform examination service of airport shuttle bus. It follows opinion including part of accent of the service number that there was so that service will start during the rest of the year for fixed period because expansion of choice of access to Kumamoto-shi center is expected from the start by security of access number of service to the Aso area if this new access is realized that it is connected and wants to discuss with related traffic companies.

    In addition, about airport rent-a-car, there are eight companies installing service counter in arrival lobby, and the system available immediately is set after the arrival at airport, but wants to act for cooperation reinforcement with companies so that service improvement to rent-a-car user is planned more in future.

(June, 2009 answer)    Traffic measures total room

      The service situation of present (H21.12) of "airport limousine:"
       ・Upward flight to JR Kumamoto Station        47 flights per day
       ・39 flights per downhill stool 1st to Aso Kumamoto Airport

         ※    Number of service per one hour is listed in answer, but is not to say diamond at regular intervals.

[correspondence after answer]
About airport shuttle bus from JR Higo-Ozu Station, we discuss for service start based on results of examination service with related organizations.

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