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Opinion that prefecture and personnel affairs interchange nitsuiteni of educational front relate to

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There was unjust promotion case unjust adoption case in Oita, but even own prefecture which thought that the local governments of the whole country were not someone else's problem in similar histology felt scary when the same thing might be performed.
 The governors of the whole country and member of prefectural assembly of Boards of Education Superintendent, whole country of the whole country send prefectural officials until end Board of Education, prefectural teacher desk work, school desk work of prefectural Board of Education, the municipalities following that case; nishiteikuyonishiteikanaitoikenanodehanaideshoka ... frequent by personnel affairs interchange 
 When organization which is corrupt when there is water in the same place is with that, and can enter by wind new frequently, and do not circulate, when remain for many years same histology even if it is said, and personnel was, water is corrupt, and the rotten structure is how bad for before long end children and weak; do not affect; ...
  Even if is hard to intervene in different composition, and speak that cannot butt in, and some governor was reported with TV by educational institution, but there is objection of association for strong will if is not the times when such a thing has already said, and citizen of the prefecture finds happiness; structural reform shiteikanaitoikenanodehanaideshoka ... 
 To that end, school desk work of end high school transfer will be transfer in end of the fiscal year in prefectural officials now to Board of Education, and should perform personnel affairs interchange of prefectural officials, prefectural teacher, education desk work frequently.
 When it is human, and charm increases and returned to school if teacher of teacher publicizes sightseeing of the going prefecture in Tourism Division for 1-3 years and we go in farm output section and publicize agriculture special product and go in Planning Division and do various plan planning, we think that as opportunities to contact with teacher even if we see whether it cannot be for ... prefectural officials increase to teacher who can talk about various society experience to children, often increase for organization.
 It is proportion of personnel affairs interchange, but we think that there is not meaning even if there is too few, and how about 30% from 20% of 100% in organization, school, Board of Education of teacher if personnel affairs interchange, ...
 To that end, we interchange and place teacher, teacher desk work in Personnel Division of the prefecture and locate prefectural officials in Personnel Division of educational administration, and Personnel Division gathers each other around once in one month and holds a meeting and thinks that it is necessary to compare notes frequently each other
 Is dirty with children than the local government, nothing national, so that it is said, and wind blows, speedy; please reform.
(age ignorance of unknown prefectural inside and outside)

[answer from department in charge]
 Thank you for your prefecture and opinion about personnel affairs interchange with educational front.

 About the prefecture and personnel affairs interchange with educational front, we think that it is important for maintenance, activation of organization and we make use of administration experience that staff of governor bureau more than 100 cultivated conventionally in the governor bureau and, in this prefecture, work in the Board of Education.
 In addition, we continue carelessly and carry out, and a little less than 50 teachers work every year in various departments of the governor bureau and are pushing forward personnel affairs interchange for dispatch to the governor bureau of teacher working in the school spot in form that we make use of experience there in when we came back to the school spot.

 We had proposal that please was active when we dispatched the staff of the governor bureau in organization, school, Board of Education of teacher 20%-30% this time. As the prefecture, we are pushing forward the number of the staff reduction and consider about largely increasing the number of the interchange staff that hard to please, but viewpoint that each organization activates through personnel transfers, personnel affairs interchange between organizations is very important and wants to push forward personnel affairs interchange that stood on this viewpoint in future.
 (September, 2008 answer) Personnel Division, School Personnel Division

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