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Opinion about harm of passive smoking of cigarette

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I smoked until five years ago, but am considerably worried about smoke of cigarette which other people smoke after having stopped. In restaurant, only the name is put on smoking, non-smoking section, but is the same as eating in smoking section when window is the situation that is not opened. So please instruct to make entirely non-smoking in shop.
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[answer from department in charge]

 Thank you for your opinion about harm of passive smoking of cigarette.

 Smoke of cigarette is set of prevention of passive smoking for manager of facility which a lot of people use to remove adverse effects to health by passive smoking to have an influence on not only smoker but also health of family and neighboring nonsmokers with it is Health Promotion Act Article 25 enforced in May, 2003 to act.
 In the prefecture, separation of smoking areas in public facilities or private restaurant and accommodations enlightens the spread by homepage and public information papers of the prefecture about enforcement of becoming based on purpose of Health Promotion Act.
 Moreover, we make and distribute yellow card (※) to be easy to convey hope of separation of smoking areas for manager of facility from citizens of the prefecture.
 As the prefecture enlightens the spread of influence of cigarette for the prevention of thing about prevention of passive smoking, ryu, premature birth and low birth weight my woman continuously in the future and wants to push forward cigarette measures, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

(※) yellow card: Downloading is possible with prefectural homepage "Kumamoto health support navigator".

(July, 2008 answer) Total Health Promotion Division

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