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The third Kumamoto future meeting that featured the theme of "state capital"

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  We held the third Kumamoto future meeting that featured the theme of "state capital".

 Because Kumamoto is chosen as "state capital" when regional system of division is demanded, and regional system of division was realized in the future while it is a long time, what should we think about now? What is it that can contribute for development of the whole Kyushu? 
 Six committee members and chairpersons exchanged opinion among eight committee members under the theme of "state capital" secondary to meeting in the second Kumamoto future in August to fix the eyes on Kumamoto 100 years later, and that "state capital plan" to build the foundation was made and connected and had hearer arrive.
 Various opinions such as "the formation of "you should explain what kind of ripple effect there was cultural, beautiful attractive sphere of life where people gathered and dispatch are important" to Kumamoto-shi penumbra because "you should put state capital to Kumamoto raised interest of citizen of the prefecture" were provided by side of access on envisioning state capital from committee member so that the whole Kyushu was tied in economic zone in half day". 

   1 date and time

  Monday, November 26, 2012     From 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 

   2 places

  The prefectural office Main Building large meeting room under the ground

   3 attendants (honorific title abbreviation, the order of the kana syllabary) 

  Toyoo Ito (Commissioner Kumamoto art police)

  Tomomichi, Ono (Kumamoto Health Science University's president)

  Shochu Kyou (University of Tokyo Graduate School information science Professor Tamaki)

  Kensei Tagawa (the Kumamoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry president)

  Mariko Bando (Showa Women's University's president)

  Takashi Mikuriya     (the University of Tokyo tip technology research center guest professor)

  Ikuo Kabashima (Governor of Kumamoto)  

4 distribution materials 

  (1)PDF Lists [PDF file/128KB]

  (2)PDF Materials [PDF file/164KB]  

  (3)PDF Reference materials [PDF file/1.06MB] 

5 minutes  

  PDF The third Kumamoto future meeting minutes [PDF file/387KB] which featured the theme of "state capital"          

State of the third Kumamoto future meeting


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