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Wednesday, July 2 lecture "Sakitsu communities - of way - Amakusa to world heritage registration"

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 On Wednesday, July 2, as for the Governor Kabashima, lecture held in Kumamoto Prefectural Community Center Parea parea attended at "Sakitsu communities ... of way - Amakusa to world heritage registration".
 We held this lecture for common knowledge enlightenment, feeling breeding that aimed at world heritage registration of "church group of Nagasaki and inheritance including "Sakitsu communities of Amakusa" about Christian religion", and had participation from various places of a lot of citizens of the prefecture more than 240 on that day.
 At lecture, we had story from Inaba of University of Tsukuba Graduate School's professor about significance of the current situation and registration of world heritage system while nominating the latest world heritage registration assets for example.
 In addition, we had story from Ohori of Nagasaki history culture City Museum Director about Christian history and culture in Nagasaki, Amakusa.
 The governor stated, "we work for world heritage registration of "Sakitsu communities of Amakusa" which were earnest wish of citizen of the prefecture with every effort as the prefecture" in greetings. (saki of Sakitsu is right in mountain radical of a Chinese character *) 

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