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The governor courtesy (Kumamoto prefectural government office) of Tuesday, December 2 WHO west Pacific region secretary general shin Yong Soo

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 On Tuesday, December 2, Governor Kabashima received courtesy of World Health Organization (WHO) west Pacific region secretary general shin Yong Soo.
 When Mr. shin came to this for Minamata inspection and was done bear, the governor was visited.
 The governor stated, "we had you remember the spirit of a dead person that it was sacrificed by Minamata disease and give thanks on behalf of citizen of the prefecture" in greetings. In contrast, Mr. shin "problem of mercury contamination remains in the world. It was stated, it is necessary that people of the world visited Minamata and knew Minamata disease.
 In addition, we exchanged opinions about correspondence of bird flu that occurred in trend and the prefecture of Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

WHO west Pacific region secretary general shin Yong Soo governor courtesy

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