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Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour labor employment construction section 
TEL: 096-333-2338 
FAX: 096-381-6970 
Email roukosousei@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
○All the input items are required matters. When there is column of blank, email cannot transmit.
○When domain-designated reception is set, please add shigotoshien@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp to receivable list.
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※Answer replies by email from PC. Refuse to receive email from setting and PC refusing to receive junk email; when is set, email to send from this may not reach.
Therefore we would appreciate your sending email after having you confirm setting of cell-phone beforehand when it is talked by E-mail labor consultation, and having had you change setting to refuse reception.
※Consultation correspondence is possible and would appreciate your listing detailed contact information (phone numbers) in email contents in emergency as much as possible. We will not use contact information that had you list for the purpose of other than consultation. (of course we accept consultation by anonymity.)
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Required Q1 : What is your name? (essential)
(when anonymity is hoped for, please input with "request for anonymity".)
Required Q2 : Your sex (essential)
Required Q3 : Your address (Kumamoto) (essential)
(in the case of other prefectures, house, please choose business address.)
Required Q4 : (essential) of worker or user
(please choose distinction of worker or user.)
Required Q5 : Your age (essential)
Required Q6 : Scale of your company (essential)
(please choose the number of employees.)
Required Q7 : Type of industry of your job (essential)
Required Q8 : E-mail address (essential) that wish to reply
(please confirm whether e-mail address does not have error.)
Required Q9 : Your phone number (essential)
(person who does not have phone number, please input 0 ten digits.)
Required Q10 : Consultation contents (essential)

Please fill in letter displayed by lower image. (image changes every time)

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Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labour labor employment construction section
Telephone: 096-333-2338
Fax: 096-381-6970
Email roukosousei@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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