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Central Kumamoto Administrative HeadquartersNorthern Kumamoto Administrative HeadquartersSouthern Kumamoto Administrative HeadquartersAmakusa Area Administrative Headquarters
  • Effective in promotion and inhabitants render of service of local promotion based on strategy for four years in future; maintained the wide area system of Regional Promotion Bureau to carry out effectively, and installed [Regional Administrative Headquarters] which bundled up [Regional Promotion Bureau].

  • Service directly about inhabitants provides in 10 [Regional Promotion Bureau] sequentially and carries out specialized duties to need promotion of broad-based approach such as area promotion except ordinance-designated city and much experience and knowledge in 4 [Regional Administrative Headquarters].

Name Position Vicariate  Regional Promotion Bureau
Central Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters  Kumamoto-shi  Kumamoto-shi, Uto-shi, Uki-shi, Shimomashiki-gun, Kamimashiki-gun Uki Area Promotion Bureau
Kamimashiki Area Promotion Bureau
Kumamoto Agricultural Administration Office
Kumamoto Civil Engineering Office
Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Kikuchi-shi  Arao-shi, Tamana-shi, Yamaga-shi, Kikuchi-shi, Aso-shi, Koshi-shi, Tamana-gun, Kikuchi-gun and Aso-gun Tamana Area Promotion Bureau
Kamoto Area Promotion Bureau
Kikuchi Area Promotion Bureau
Aso Area Promotion Bureau
Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Yatsushiro-shi  Yatsushiro-shi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Minamata-shi, Yatsushiro-gun, Ashikita-gun and Kuma-gun Yatsushiro Area Promotion Bureau
Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau
Kuma Area Promotion Bureau
Amakusa Area Administrative Headquarters Amakusa-shi  Amakusa-shi, Kamiamakusa-shi and Amakusa-gun Amakusa Regional Promotion Bureau 
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