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The person with a disability welfare

Main duties

 Phone number

 Group name

○Independence support medical care, thing about the severe mind and body person with a disability medical expenses furtherance

○Thing about people experiencing disability support mutual aid system

096-333-2250 General affairs group

○Thing about right protection of person with a disability

○Thing about the making of Kumamoto regulations whom person who does not have impaired person lives in together

096-333-2236 Plan symbiosis group
○Thing about social participation support of person with a disability
○Thing about local life support project
096-333-2235 Social participation group

○Thing about designation of obstacle welfare service office

○Thing about designation of child with a disability facility
○Thing about person with a disability abuse in facility

096-333-2233 Service improvement group

○Thing about local nursing

○Thing about the development child with a disability (person) support

○Thing about Special Child Dependent's Allowance, special person with a disability allowance

096-333-2237 Development obstacle, nursing group
○Thing about the mental health welfare
○Thing about suicide measures
096-333-2234 The mental health welfare group


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Telephone: 096-333-2250
Fax: 096-383-1739
Email [email protected]

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