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Maintenance applies for four purposes that are with or less of Hikawa Dam located in the upper reaches part of "Hikawa".

1) Perform flood control at the time of flood of the typhoon period and the rainy season period. We reduce flood damage.
2) Supply stable waterworks water to Yatsushiro-shi (Izumicho, Toyocho, Kagamicho, Senchomachi), Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun of the Hikawa downstream.
3) Supply stable irrigation water to farmland 1,313ha to Hikawa midstream part and the downstream part, rice field 265ha of Uki-shi (Ogawamachi, Matsubashi-cho).
4) Drain water above a certain level into the Hikawa downstream, and keep biotope and the quality of the water of the animals and plants well.

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