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Leading figure, adjustment group       Tel: 0968-74-2135


Upbringing support of leading figure such as scholars of authorized agriculture, shinkishunosodanshien, company entry support, farming instruction, company activity support of agriculture woman, the sixth industry promotion, agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation, food education promotion, agriculture system fund, agriculture committee, agriculture group instruction

Local agriculture support group   Tel: 0968-74-2136


Scholar of agriculture each house income compensation system, the supply and demand adjustment of rice, the cultivation abandonment ground measures, upbringing of production organization and activity support, promotion of the use of land type crops, promotion of ko*renkei, the rich making of irregularity, livestock epidemic measures, technique, management instruction of stock raising, stock raising-affiliated single prefectural business, people, farmland plan

Making of fruit tree, flower production center support group Tel: 0968-74-2192


Improvement in production expansion, quality measures of high-quality fruit tree, introduction support of new technology, promotion of local production for local consumption, the birds and beasts harm preventive measures, production support of flower of farm products

Making of vegetables production center support group Tel: 0968-74-2193


Use of production promotion, instruction of vegetables, important pest measures and agriculture security promotion, promotion of green agriculture, environmental conservation type agriculture

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