We are displayed with mode now at large-scale disaster.

Detailed business content


Cultural Affairs Division business content

General affairs group

* Promotion of art culture pertaining to school education

 ・We perform business to provide opportunity of appreciation of performing arts superior in child, student.

 ・We perform business about promotion of cultural activities of high school.

* Modern persons of cultural merits honoring

 ・We honor person contributed to for development of modern culture in these prefectural people (including resident) publicly.

* The UNESCO activity

 ・We perform desk work about the UNESCO activity.

* As for the damaged cultural assets, it is restoration revival fund

 ・We manage donation for restoration, revival of cultural assets including Kumamoto-jo Castle.

* 2016 Kumamoto earthquake revival fund (rehabilitation support business such as local community facilities)

 ・We support expense to need for the rebuilding such as facilities which have been used for many years as area where we suffered from, place of local community in communities.


Cultural assets utilization group

* Country

 ・Country, protection of prefectural designated cultural assets

 ・We perform desk work about appointment of cultural assets, the current situation change.

 ・In cooperation with the municipalities, we work on appropriate preservation and inflection of cultural assets.

* Council for the Protection of Cultural Properties

 ・We perform the deliberation pertaining to cultural assets designation and protection in the prefecture.

* Guns swords registration

 ・We perform desk work about new registration and owner change, regranting of valuable guns swords as artworks.

* Cultural assets rescue business

 ・After suffering from Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, and rescuing movable property cultural assets from damaged building, and temporarily storing in facility, it is business to return to owner. We perform emergency measure and record making such as cleaning during temporarily storing.

* Cultural assets doctor dispatch business

 ・We carry out investigation into damaged situation of cultural assets building which we suffered from by Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 and are business to dispatch expert in stricken area to perform technical support for emergent measures and restoration depending on request from owner or management group.


Cultural assets search group

* Country

 ・Buried cultural property investigation such as country, the prefecture pertaining to business

 ・On public construction conduct that country or the prefecture perform, we perform various procedures for buried cultural property (law procedure, business inquiry, excavation).

 ・Particularly, we have support of member of specialist job dispatched by the domestic local government by restoration, reconstruction contracts after evil from Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 and cope.

* Support of buried cultural property survey by municipalities

 ・We support buried cultural property investigation accompanied with restoration, reconstruction contracts that disaster public housing, steep slope measures, the municipalities including private facility carry out led by the Kumamoto earthquake damage municipalities in 2016. In addition, we support about restoration of ancient tomb which suffered from Kumamoto earthquake. In addition, member of buried cultural property specialist job performs advice, support about business at absence.

* Adjustment of public works project

・We urge understanding on bureau performing public works project concerned about the handling of basic principles and cultural assets of cultural properties protection and perform adjustment that is smooth in business bureau (staff of country, prefectural business charge bureau) and cultural assets Rehabilitation Bureau.

* We released the excavation spot

 ・When we carried out excavation, local releases the excavation spot to citizens of the prefecture by result provided by excavation more widely than the cause.

 ・In 2017, we held in Kiyomasa public road which carried out excavation in the prefecture, and there was participant more than 100.

Kiyomasa public road field briefing session scenery

Kiyomasa public road field briefing session scenery

(in what we explain at the center, specialized in dispatch from Kagoshima)

Cultural assets search group branch office

* Management (rearranging) of cultural assets material

 ・We perform rearranging and management of buried cultural property excavated by excavation under Kumamoto and make excavation statement. In addition, we perform the storage.

 ・We utilize excavated material and work on the spread of cultural assets through display or on-site training.

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