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Trip that is wonderful in the sun street. Six princes introduce the sun street linking Miyazaki to Kumamoto!

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Ancient morality "sun street" of feudal age for about 136 kilos from Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto to Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki.
Six princes introduce 6 courses to enjoy the sun street!
Click the like button But, Instagram utsuri enotokimekitabi to be able to get a lot,
Refreshment is heated in nature; whenever is heated,
It is adult tabinodokidokitabi for slight intoxication
Relievedly * yashitabi of breath cafe circulation,
Detox is sold at power spot; whenever sell,
Does it not collect to history enthusiast? nomanabitabi,
Six princes match with each theme
We inform of trip to sun street.
About brochure, please see this. 

About the sun street road map, please see this.
※In Route 445 (Mifune-machi), restoration construction is carried out, and full-scale suspension of traffic is canceled.
"Brochure with the 👑 crown" which we introduced six model courses to,
Setting places of "the sun street road map" are as follows.
(after the middle of March, 2018, we are going to install)
※Maintenance of Kyushu Chuo Expressway advances!
 Koike Takayama IC (Mifune-machi) - Kitanakajima IC (tentative name) (Yamato-cho) interval is going to be opened in 2018.
 Our section is free.


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