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September 15, 2019

We send charm of Aso at diary sense event of bus of Fukuoka! Let's go to ... Aso bini! ...

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Aso (image)

We send charm of Aso at diary sense event of bus of Fukuoka! Let's go to ... Aso bini! ... 

Poster (Aso)

In venue of diary sense event of bus held in Fukuoka Naka River City, we send charm of Kumamoto, Aso to support sightseeing revival of Aso that the number of the tourists drops under the influence of Kumamoto earthquake in Kumamoto.

In Kumamoto PR booth in venue, we establish sightseeing information section of Kumamoto, Aso and send information such as straight express bus "ASO express" from charm and Fukuoka of trip of Aso feeling magnificent nature to Aso.

Furthermore, sale of cake of high quality of Kumamoto and special product of Kumamoto, Aso hit; galla; hold lottery pop, and distribute tourist brochure or advantageous trip product brochure, and plan attracting tourist to Kumamoto, Aso.

In addition, through sightseeing PR by Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager "KUMAMON", we send charm of Kumamoto.

In season from autumn to winter, come to Kumamoto, Aso by all means.

We look forward to many visits.


1 conduct date and time

Sunday, September 15, 2019 (Raiwa 1) from 10:00 to 15:00


2 conduct places

Kumamoto PR booth in "diary sense event of bus" venue

(the Fukuoka Naka River City relation 2 chome fifth 1 mirikaroden Naka River)

3 contents

(1) Sightseeing in Aso PR corner

   We send information of trip to Aso feeling magnificent nature. In addition, when we reply questionnaire about sightseeing

  Special product of Kumamoto hits; galla; hold lottery pop.


 (2) PR of cake of high quality of Kumamoto and sale corner

    Cake of high quality of Kumamoto establishes PR section of "war drum of homare". In addition, we perform sale of cake of high quality.

    [cooperation] KOBAI CO., LTD. Fukuoka branch office


 (3) Sales promotion of Aso area trip product of Nishitetsu Travel

    In Nishitetsu Travel, it is releasing advantageous trip product that accommodation was bundled with straight express bus "ASO express" from Fukuoka to Aso.

    Come to Aso by all means in this occasion.


 (4) About PR by "KUMAMON"

   We carry out PR by Kumamoto sales manager and happy manager "KUMAMON" and tourist brochure distribution.

  [contents] Stage appearance, support of Kumamoto PR booth, distribution of tourist brochure

  [time] The first: Around 10:30 ...

      The second: Around 14:30 ...   

    ※Please note that you may change by the situation at dispatch time of KUMAMON.


4 reference

 ◆Diary sense event of bus

  Event that is held for the purpose of having many people have friendly feeling toward bus every year in commemoration of "day of bus" of September 20.

  [date] Sunday, September 15, 2019 (Raiwa 1)

  [sponsorship] Nishitetsu bus Futsukaichi others

  [support] Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. others

  [place] The mirikaroden Naka River (Fukuoka Naka River City relation 2-5-1) 


 ◆About express bus "ASO express"

 For more information about express bus "ASO express" which is straight from Tenjin, Hakata Station, Fukuoka Airport to Aso (3 roundtrips a day),

Please refer to We open with the other window(external link) (Nishitetsu living net).


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