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"Welcome of smile corps" recruitment of member University!

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Do you not entertain seeing offs to tourists such as Cruise ships together?

 Perform "hospitality" that seems to be prefectural south, Yatsushiro such as meeting or seeing off with smile for tourists such as Cruise ships to plan image enhancement of prefectural south, Yatsushiro in Yatsushiro Port cruise passenger boat acceptance executive committee (※), and to connect with port call fixation of Cruise ship; "welcome install smile corps" newly, and recruit members!
   ※Constitution group: Work as Yatsushiro-shi, Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters, Yatsushiro Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DMO guy
   Do you not make "town Yatsushiro impressing tourist" together by all means?
   We look forward to your enlistment.


1 administration main constituent Yatsushiro Port cruise passenger boat acceptance executive committee

       (welcome the smile corps administration secretariat do general incorporated association DMO guy)


Hospitality to tourists such as Cruise ships is carried out by the master of 2 activity contents

       (1) We welcome and see off
       (2) Sightseeing, interpreter guide
       (3) Folk art announcement
       (4) Conduct of interchange event
Subscription for 3 periods
                    (1) We are living in the target prefecture, but even machete can join the army. (possible in group.)
                    (2) Offer period Friday, November 29, 2019 ... (at any time)
We perform grant (participation in lottery and boarding experience) of privilege depending on the participation number of times such as 4 privileges.
         In addition, we issue identification of member to member and lend uniform.
         In addition, we perform call at a port reporting by emails and carry out hospitality.
You see offer guidance of 5 application method following, to application after filling out the requirements to the following applications
         Please send in mail or FAX, one of the emails.
[inquiry, application]
Yatsushiro Port cruise passenger boat acceptance executive committee
Work as DMO guy (welcome the smile corps administration secretariat)
  〒866-0844 3-11, Asahichuodori, Yatsushiro-shi TS building 3F
 (telephone) 0965-31-8200 (FAX) 0965-32-2334 (email) [email protected]


Welcome it is set smile campaign



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Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters (Yatsushiro Area Promotion Bureau) Department of General Affairs promotion section
1660, Nishikatamachi, Yatsushiro-shi
Telephone: 0965-33-3149
Fax: 0965-33-3174
Email [email protected]
(ID: 29917)
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