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Inheritance authorization in Japan! "Stone Legacy - to breathe in village of trace - masons of masons who had creation (tagaya) of Yatsushiro"

The last update date:
 Story of "trace of masons who had creation (tagaya) of Yatsushiro" that Yatsushiro-shi performed certification application in this January was authorized to inheritance of Japan.

Authorized day

 Friday, June 19, 2020

About inheritance of Japan

 With "inheritance (Japan Heritage) of Japan", business was started as thing that Agency for Cultural Affairs authorized story to talk about culture, tradition of our country through each historic charm and characteristic of various parts of Japan in 2015 (Heisei 27), and, including this year, 104 cases in total were authorized.

 It is intended that we plan local activation by being made up mainly of area, and maintenance utilizing materiality full of indispensable charm and intangible various cultural assets group generally in reciteing story, and sending to not only the country but also foreign countries strategically.


 ◎2020 (Raiwa 2) Japan inheritance authorization result


 ◎ Agency for Cultural Affairs/Japan inheritance portal site (external link)





 "Stone Legacy - to breathe in village of trace - masons of masons who had creation (tagaya) of Yatsushiro"



 Kumamoto (※). which it was built once in the whole country, and about a quarter (about 650) of "arch bridge" is distributed over The most were dealt with by masons who were born and raised in Yatsushiro. Their prominent abilities were required in various parts of Japan and led construction such as "Kanda forever Bridge" or "Tsujunkyo Bridge" to success and reached before the whole country could let fame resound all over. That is why Yatsushiro is called "village that produced many "excellent masons" of masons".

 Masons polished up one's skill while they supported "reclamation business" and local traffic that brought very large plains and rich crop in Yatsushiro and were engaged in construction of "arch bridge" and contributed to development and the making of bread and butter of Yatsushiro of people for a long time, and they grew up from nameless mason to excellent mason.

 In now when stone Legacy such as arch bridge representing beautiful arch, stone wall of wonderful Tanada stood in solid reclamation sluice, surface of a river that they got in more than 100 year, we continue growing in living of scenery and people of town and invite people visiting to "village of masons".

 ※The source: Japanese "arch bridge" of "meeting protecting Ishibashi of Japan" list


Large sheath sluice group (husk gutter)Deer road bridge

         Large sheath sluice group (ozayahimongun)

            ※Prefectural designated historic spot

           Deer road bridge (we have donkey to register)

           ※City-designated tangible cultural property


Shibakuchi University sheath clauseMt. white hair nature stone bridge

    Large sheath clause (ozayabushi)/University sheath famous place (ozayameisho)

           ※City-designated intangible folk

     Mt. white hair nature stone bridge (shiragadaketennenishibashi)

           ※City-designated natural monument

 [the details of story and main constitution cultural assets]
   Yatsushiro-shi authorization story and constitution cultural assets (PDF: 5.29 megabytes) We open with the other window

   List of constitution cultural assets (PDF: 2.04 megabytes) We open with the other window


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