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About use of "Kumamoto riders base icon"

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Kumamoto riders base icon

 With will of hospitality to rider coming from the prefectural inside and outside in Kumamoto,
We made Kumamoto riders base icon.


 By private enterprise, the government using this icon all in one body, and breeding mood of hospitality
We aim at area that wants to be visited for touring many times!


 It is necessary for person that use is hoped for to receive approval of the prefecture beforehand. Please apply according to the following use procedure.
 In addition, application is not necessary, but, in the case of next, confirms the following "precautions matter" in use by all means and,
 Please use along "Kumamoto riders base icon specifications".


[when we do not need use application]

 * When the municipalities use
 * When constitution association of Kumamoto riders base promotion Committee uses
 * When the news related organizations use newspaper, TV, magazine for the news purpose


■Use procedure

  When is used for the first time, on use application (the appended form first),

  When application contents which received approval are changed once, on use addition, change application (appended form No. 3)

  You attach the following documents, and please submit by mail or bringing.
  About other use, please see "use of Kumamoto riders base icon official regulations" in detail.

[attached documents necessary for application]

 * Material which business outline of applicant such as company profiles understands
 * Sample, proposal which purpose of use of icon and contents understand
 * Documents which admit that other general managers are required



 Kumamoto Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Department of General Affairs promotion section
 〒861-1331 1272-10, Waifu, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto TEL: 0968-25-4121


■Precautions matter

 Please look after next in use.
 * Please use only for approved use item.
 * Please use according to "Kumamoto riders base icon specifications" to establish particularly definitely.
 * And you use only a part of the icon or transform, and you put on other figures and letters, and please do not use.
   But it is not this limit when the prefecture admits that they are necessary.
 * Please submit article after use of icon or photograph immediately.

 We do not approve use in any of the following cases.
 * When it is admitted that we spoil Kumamoto riders-based image and credit of the prefecture or dignity
 * When it is admitted that we spoil benefit of consumers
 * When we are recognized as thing about specific political activity and religious activity
 * When it is admitted that it is against public order and morals
 * In addition, when the prefecture admits that we approve with inadequacy



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