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About river private use permission application

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◆About the River Act private use permission application


Summary of 1 river private use permission

  As river is facility for water to be flowed down safely from the upper reaches to the downstream, other than river administrator is river area with structure except river facilities

 As a general rule, it is not admitted that we install inward.

   When, for construction of building of land (private land) adjacent to river, it is necessary to do use (private use) unavoidably in riverbed, river administrator

 It is necessary to receive possible o.

2 application methods

  Please submit the following documents to the following department in charge (group).

 (1) Two copies of river private use permission applications (as for the copy, possible with copy)

   River private use permission application (PDF: 62.8 kilobytes)We open with the other window river private use permission application (word: 42.5 kilobytes) We open with the other window

 (2) Two copies of attached documents (as for the copy, possible with copy)

・Position figure (as for the maps of ZENRIN. We displayed setting point with red.)

・Figure of present situation (ground plan, cross section)

・Illustrated map (ground plan, cross section.in total We displayed private use part with red.)

・The present situation photograph

・Figure of character, matter to be registered certificate (as needed)

・In addition, (documents may be necessary for others depending on item.)

Procedure that is necessary before 3 application, permission

  When authorization of other laws and ordinances except the River Act is necessary on river private use permission application, there is need to have you receive those authorization beforehand


Procedure that is necessary after 4 permission

 (1) Submission of report of start of construction

   Please submit no later than three days before you start construction accompanied with river private use.

    Report of report of start of construction (PDF: 67.4 kilobytes)We open with the other window start of construction (word: 18.8 kilobytes) We open with the other window

 (2) Submission of report of completion

   After the completion, please submit immediately.

 As you ship the delivery office action for river private use charges payment after the issuance of river private use license, please deliver in (you list on the back of the delivery office action) such as the in this way nearest financial institutions.


★Contact information

 Aso Area Promotion Bureau Department of Civil Engineering maintenance Coordination Division management general affairs group

 〒869-2612 2402, Ichinomiyamachimiyaji, Aso-shi

 Telephone: 0967-22-1118

 FAX: 0967-22-4370

 E-mail: [email protected]



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