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[Zekkei Kumamoto prefecture north photo contest] Prize winner

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[Zekkei Kumamoto prefecture north photo contest] Prize winner


[Zekkei Kumamoto prefecture north photo contest prize winner]

 ◎Publicize charm such as rich nature of the north area of the prefecture (Arao, Tamana, Kamoto, Kikuchi, Aso), eternal history, various culture widely, for expansion of recognition improvement, number of visitors/exchange population
  We carried out first [Zekkei Kumamoto prefecture north photo contest] in the north area wide area of the prefecture to connect.
 ◎Have 1,645 application from the prefectural inside and outside, "want to go before die! As a result of fair examination by judge including shiho (shiho) which is famous in world superb view,
  24 works of receiving a prize were decided.
 ◎Prize winner conjugates for PR of the future north area of the prefecture positively.

Zekkei Grand Prix, Zekkei associate grand prix, shihosho

 ◆Zekkei Grand Prix             ◆The Zekkei associate grand prix                ◆shihosho
The grand prixThe associate grand prixshihosho

            Contributor: hiroko

           Kikuchi Valley (Kikuchi-shi)

      Contributor: yuka_photogram97

              Mada well (Arao-shi)

         Contributor: mentaico

   Kamishikimi Kumano-za Shrine (Takamori-machi, Aso-gun)


 Local prize (Arao, Tamana)

   ◆Gold medal                  ◆Silver medal                   ◆Bronze medal  
Tamana, moneyTamana BankTamana copper

        Contributor: sorarastory          

          Ariake Sea (Tamana-shi)

            Contributor: Totoro

         Nagasu port (Nagasu-machi, Tamana-gun)

          Contributor: yumiko.miko

            Ariake Sea (Tamana-shi)


 Local prize (Kamoto)

     ◆Gold medal                ◆Silver medal                      ◆Bronze medal 

Kamoto goldKamoto BankKamoto copper

        Contributor: yasu3835

        100 bloom 100 Aya (Yamaga-shi)

         Contributor: saku_ari502

           100 bloom 100 Aya (Yamaga-shi)

       Contributor: hiro_ssroad

         Ball intellect castle (Yamaga-shi)


 Local prize (Kikuchi)

     ◆Gold medal                   ◆Silver medal                ◆Bronze medal 

Kikuchi ironKikuchi BankKikuchi copper

         Contributor: ichiryu_

        Kikuchi Valley (Kikuchi-shi)

       Contributor: shutter_u_n_

        Kikuchi Valley (Kikuchi-shi)

          Contributor: verde_mii

        Hiyoshi Shrine (Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun)



 Local prize (Aso)

 ◆Gold medal                    ◆Silver medal                   ◆Bronze medal 

Aso goldAso BankAso copper

      Contributor: hirochanman5963

         Pan ke waterfall (Oguni-machi, Aso-gun)

           Contributor: fou_kault

        Tsuetate Onsen (Oguni-machi, Aso-gun)

           Contributor: Kengo Otsubo

      Hill (Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun) of Oshido stone



 Category prize (history, culture)

     ◆Gold medal                ◆Silver medal                   ◆Bronze medal

History culture ironHistory culture silverHistory culture copper

         Contributor: araolife

         Iwamoto Bridge (Arao-shi)

          Contributor: 10969yuta_

    Kamishikimi Kumano-za Shrine (Takamori-machi, Aso-gun)

        Contributor: hirochanman5963

 Tsuetate Onsen dondoya fire Festival (Oguni-machi, Aso-gun)


 Category prize (nature, scenery)

     ◆Gold medal                  ◆Silver medal                 ◆Bronze medal 

Natural scenery ironNatural scenery silverNatural scenery copper

       Contributor: ryouta_anai

        Matsubara Beach (Tamana-shi)

          Contributor: kiyo_4

      Raincoat waterfall (Oguni-machi, Aso-gun)

          Contributor: kenji_1223

    Myojin-ike Pond famous clear water park (Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun)



 Category prize (activity)

  ◆Gold medal                   ◆Silver medal                   ◆Bronze medal 

Money of activityActivity silverActivity copper

         Contributor: Ikematsu Jun

          Milk road (Aso)

          Contributor: sorarastory

        Greenland (Arao-shi)

               Contributor: S

             Mt.Daikanbo (Aso)


Judge, the general comment

 [judge] "We want to go before we die! World superb view producer shiho (the judge head)

      Nishi Nippon Shimbun News Paper Co., Ltd. Director-General Kumamoto Fumiaki Sukekiyo
      "Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku jalan" and "Kyushu jalan" chief editor Yoshiko Osada
 [general comment (judge head: shiho)] 
   Limited area called the Kumamoto north was target contest, but was surprised that many spots were posted!
   When it passes from the summer fresh green to autumn colored leaves, winter quiet scenery in the four seasons, and the charm cannot see one place enough when we do not go at all many times
  We felt again.
   If even one can feel superb view of the north area of the prefecture for many people, through this entry, we are glad.

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