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Mount Aso mountain climbing information

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    [mountain climbing attention caused by Kumamoto earthquake]

    In each mountain climbing road that we published below of Mount Aso origin, collapse and crack occurred under the influence of Kumamoto earthquake on April 16, 2016 and the next heavy rain, and route was cut apart, but we carried out safety measures such as installing sign and rope to promote attention in black spot and became able to climb a mountain about the following routes.

    <Mt. Eboshi>

      Traffic possible ⇒ east side route, clockwise route

      Valley route of ⇒ hot water impossible of traffic, suigyoku route

          ※Please refer We open with the other windowto this (PDF: 478.6 kilobytes) for the details.


    <Mt. Kishima>

      2 routes over traffic possible ⇒ Kusasenri parking lot - mountaintop - heliport, the crater relationship

          ※Please refer We open with the other windowto this (PDF: 478.6 kilobytes) for the details.


    <Takaoka, Mt. Naka-dake> (this time update)

      There is no route which becomes during entrance regulation, and is passable now as volcanic activity of Aso Mt. Naka-dake is active.

      On April 21, 2020 (Raiwa 2), we checked sensuibikon route. As there was influence by volcanic gas accompanied with volcanic activity activation of Aso Mt. Naka-dake, and the route could not find safety of mountain climbing route as a result of check in sensuibikon route because there was rock which could cause fall called popular name "egg rock", we judged with traffic impossibility (we do not recommend traffic as mountain climbing route). In addition, we cannot pass because it is in around crater regulation range accompanied with pulling up to volcanic alert levels 2 of Aso Mt. Naka-dake in sensuikyo ropeway trace route.

      Passable route when regulation was canceled is as follows.

         Sand Chisato route, Mt. Naka-dake ... large pan - Toho - Takaoka route, manners pine route, sensuikyo ropeway trace route


         Please confirm regulation information of the crater in "Aso volcano crater regulation information" http://www.aso.ne.jp/~volcano/.

          ※Please refer We open with the other windowto this (PDF: 643.7 kilobytes) for the details.


    <Mt. basis>

      Traffic possible ⇒ Hakoishi Tsurui ridge route, Maebara ranch route, Oto ridge route

      Col of ⇒ Toho - Tengu impossible of traffic

      ※Please refer We open with the other windowto this (PDF: 684.8 kilobytes) for the details.


     ※Route where traffic became possible can climb a mountain, but enough attention is necessary because footing is in place becoming bad by collapse and crack.


 ◯Or please submit mountain climbing notice beforehand on the day of mountain climbing.

 ◯We can download paper of report of mountain climbing from the next site. 

 ◯We access the next site and can submit on net.

  The Kumamoto Prefectural Police (report of mountain climbing)We open with the other window


Please report to the 110th if you encounter 2 accidents, accident 

 ◯ Please report to the 110th if you encounter accident, accident to need help.

  <precaution at the time of report>

    *Please convey present status calmly.

    *It is intellect by email if there are any instructions from police officer of the 110th center (in the case of smartphone) in the present location

     Please use raseru function. When send email by this function; is your position in the 110th center

     Email that listed information automatically is sent and leads to quick help.

     Accident present location report system to the prefectural policeWith new window


    ※When the above is not available, please try the following.

  •       File (DL version) Accident present location report system With new window(file: 3.7 kilobytes) to the prefectural police
        ※As use operates Android terminal only in Firefox, Opera,
  •      With reference to the following operation manuals, please use.
  •  ◯ Please work hard to tell rescue team and neighboring mountaineers about own existence for playing flute.


    Please confirm the situation of 3 mountain climbing routes, weather, eruption 

    1 mountain climbing route

     (1) Mountain climbing route map for smartphones

      It is map which can look at position of mountaineer by GPS functions such as smartphones in real time.

      In addition, we report to the 110th if we go missing and can convey own position (latitude and longitude) by sending email to the police.

      When you e-mail at the time of accident, you contact the 110th by all means, and please obey instructions of police officer.

    •     ※We are updating about mountain climbing route map


    •   ※As use operates Android terminal only in Firefox, Opera,
  •    With reference to the following operation manuals, please use.



    2 weather information

     The Meteorological Agency With new window(external link)


    3 eruption relations information

     Aso volcano disaster prevention council meeting With new window(external link) 

     <reference> Mount Aso accident accident prevention measures meeting (the Aso Area Promotion Bureau) 0967-22-1110

    Instructions on climbing 4 

    Precaution to 1 volcanic gas

    As toxic volcanic gas flows around the crater, we adhere rigidly to the next matter, and safe mountain climbing, please.
     ◯ Asthma, the bronchus disease, heart problem, person in poor physical condition again never climb a mountain.
     ◯ For volcanic gas, carry towel and handkerchief, mask (airtight high thing).
        *We cover mouth and nose with towels which we got wet in water if we feel smell of gas.
     ◯ You confirm weather condition including direction that volcanic gas flows through before mountain climbing, and, in the case of the direction of the wind particularly facing east, warn enough.
         As volcanic gas is hard to spread at the time of tranquility, fine weather, attention is necessary.
     ◯ When smell of volcanic gas is strong, you prevent you from approaching the crater, and you leave the crater, or return.
     ◯ When physical condition includes accident, move to place where volcanic gas does not come to immediately.
         *As volcanic gas is easy to collect in low place more heavily than air, we avoid basin along valley and walk high places such as ridge lines.
      <reference>  Aso volcano disaster prevention council meeting (Aso-shi government office) 0967-22-3111 

    Precaution that is climbing 2

     ◯ Please be careful so that battery of cell-phone does not run out during mountain climbing.
        *It is said that it becomes quick in consumption of battery by base station searches of terminal in highlands.
        *When temperature falls, it is said that it becomes quick in consumption of battery.
     ◯ You carry portable radios, and please check the weather, volcano information diligently.
     ◯ You descend a mountain early if you feel anxiety even a little, and please act on the principle of safety first.

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