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ARA! People of the tamakina greens capital

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Kusamakura Onsen tensui Yasushi Inoue

Kusamakura Onsen tensui Yasushi Inoue

It is Kusamakura Onsen tensuiha, mandarin orange and village of sleeping in the open air, spa facility in Tensuimachi, Tamana-shi.
We enjoy with hot spring, meal, product building, bungalow, barbecue ground, grand golf and are various.
Various "horses or things" equal product building including mandarin orange of special product. Please drop in.

Kusamakura Onsen tensuinoosusume


Gem only in this hotel which you had, and assailed mandarin orange entirely. When we bake and eat, flavors increase still more.

Tamana shipure strawberry jam

Local mothers put great deal of effort and, only using strawberry from Tamana, made. Does this body become habit?

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Oldness and center Y, BOX Tatsuya Tagami

Oldness and center Y, BOX Tatsuya Tagami

It is "oldness and center Y, BOX" of farm products direct sale place that there is in Tamana-shi Yokoshima town.  
Special product sells discerning product of producer with "strawberry" "tomato" "mini-tomato" from mid-December through the end of May every year. Other than the special product, we have seasonal fresh vegetables and fruit, artefact.
We hold "cymbidium fair" that is display spot sale of cymbidium (yo orchid) of local producer direct shipment in December.
Visit of all of you, tamakina greens capital member's store all members are sincerely waiting.

Recommendation of oldness and center Y, BOX

Cymbidium (December)

We start cymbidium fair on December 1 until December 31.
We display product of producer direct shipment during period and sell on the spot.

Strawberry, tomato, mini-tomato (from December to May)

From around December, strawberry, tomato which are special product of wide Shimacho, shipment of mini-tomato begin every year.

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Arao palpitation city Hamasaki, Nishida

Hamasaki, Nishida of Arao palpitation city

Our direct sale place "Arao palpitation city" is located at the northernmost part of Kumamoto, the prefectural border with Fukuoka and sells fresh vegetables and fruit, lunch, pickle produced in parking lot of Kumamoto designated cultural assets "Iwamoto Bridge" in season, various vegetables seedlings, flower seedling. Please drop in once.

Recommendation of Arao palpitation city

Oshikida miso

It is additive-free handicraft miso which we made in the ratio of uncracked grain of barley, soybean, salt which we learned from grandmother.

Lunch, side dish

It is dishes using the United States, vegetables produced at home.

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Village ○ city Mihoko Ishikawa, Fusako Sasaki (fu)

Ishikawa and Sasaki of village ○ city

Fresh security, relief; is delicious! It is direct sale place "village ○ city" (gomaruichi) that woman doing her best operates. In addition, adjacent restaurant is promotion of local production for local consumption, local farm product with "flower of mandarin orange" and provides taste of local cuisine and good old Momma. On second Wednesday, we can taste dishes of people authorized by "expert of Kumamoto oldness and meal" every month.

Recommendation of village ○ city

Sweet spring

It is green-colored mandarin orange.

Premature delivery mandarin orange

Period of mandarin orange shipment is long and is mandarin orange sold from October through January.

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yasai field yasai field

yasai field original character

Farmhouse direct sale place "yasai field" is sale stores such as farm products, artefact which Route 443 of Nankan-machi is along and established by local farmhouse investment. Mainly on the delicious south Seki rice which we harvested in Nankan-machi that was endowed with green mountain, pure water, this Nature, relief, security sells fresh seasonal vegetables, processed foods such as pickles, flower seedling, special product of Nankan-machi. If it is fresh and is cheap, we expand assortment of goods as favorable reception mine, community-based store and look forward to visit of all producer and the staff.

Recommendation of yasai field

U.S. "hinohikari" of south Seki

Pure water and the delicious south Seki rice which grew up in Nature.
Both brown rice, polished rice sells.

Do; tomato cabbage, Japanese radish, carrot, flower seedling

It is cold in winter hotly in the summer. These severe natural environments raised vegetables more deliciously.

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Tamana Area Promotion Bureau
Telephone: 0968-74-2112
Fax: 0968-74-2116
Email tamasousoumu25@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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