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Lists of Tamana Area Promotion Bureau such as address, contact information, business content

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Tamana Area Promotion Bureau 
TEL: 0968-74-2112 
FAX: 0968-74-2116 
Email [email protected]

General affairs promotion section General affairs promotion section

Health welfare Environment Department

General affairs employee services Hygiene Environment Division Health Prevention Section

Agriculture and forestry department

Agriculture spread, promotion section Rural Development Division Tsutomu Hayashi section

Department of Civil Engineering

Maintenance Coordination Division Site section Engineering works section


Kumamoto Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Tamana Area Promotion Bureau

Tel  :0968-74-2111 (main)

Address: 〒 865-0016

   1004-1, Iwasaki, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto

(Ariake health center is the same, too)


 General affairs promotion section

General affairs promotion section

Tel  :0968-74-2112
Fax :0968-74-2116
e-Mail: [email protected]

 General affairs adjustment group         Tel: 0968-74-2112

  •   Plan of station measure and general adjustment, public information public hearing, election, firefighting disaster prevention

 Local promotion group         Tel: 0968-74-2113

  •   Community improvement, commerce and industry and sightseeing promotion

 The accounting receipt and disbursement group         Tel: 0968-74-2114

  •   Bid, construction contract, accountancy of local expenditure organization of jurisdiction 10 (the Promotion Bureau, education office, police station, high school) 

 Prefectural tax storing window Tel :0968-74-2133 Fax :0968-74-2129

  •   Window duties of prefectural tax

Health welfare Environment Department (Ariake public health center)

General affairs employee services

Tel :0968-72-2184
Fax :0968-74-1721, 0968-74-2195
e-Mail: [email protected]

  •  Investigation about report from health health care planning, medical safe consultation, medical license procedure of relationships, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse,
  •  Welfare for the elderly, community-based welfare, the person with a disability (intellectual body) welfare, administration instruction (nursery school), maternal and child welfare (independence consultation) of social welfare corporation, facility,
  •  Child welfare (child abuse measures, child consultation), welfare, heart full path grant 

Hygiene Environment Division 

Tel :0968-72-2184
Fax :0968-74-1721
e-Mail: [email protected]

  •  Food sanitation, public sanitation (water supply, hot spring, inn, law of nature beauty, graveyard burial), milk meat hygiene, custody, pharmaceutical affair of antirabic animal,
  •  Environmental conservation (prevention of water pollution, prevention of air pollution, septic tank), waste disposal treatment

Health Prevention Section

Tel :0968-72-2184
Fax :0968-74-1721
e-Mail: [email protected]

  •  The mental health welfare, maternal and child health, specific disease, health promotion, nourishment improvement instruction, the tuberculosis prevention, dentistry health, Hansen's disease

Agriculture and forestry department

Agriculture spread, promotion section

Tel :0968-74-2135
Fax :0968-74-2194
e-Mail: [email protected]

 Leading figure, adjustment group       Tel: 0968-74-2135

  •   Upbringing support of leading figure such as scholars of authorized agriculture, shinkishunosodanshien, company entry support, farming instruction, company activity support of agriculture woman,
  •   The sixth industrial promotion, agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation, food education promotion, agriculture system fund, agriculture committee, agriculture group instruction

 Local agriculture support group Tel: 0968-74-2136

  •   Of the use of scholar of agriculture each house income compensation system, supply and demand adjustment of rice, cultivation abandonment ground measures, upbringing of production organization and activity support, land type crops
  •   Promotion, promotion of ko*renkei, the rich making of irregularity, livestock epidemic measures, technique, management instruction of stock raising, stock raising-related single prefectural business, people, farmland
  •   Plans 

 Making of fruit tree, flower production center support group Tel: 0968-74-2192

  •   Of preventive measures against birds and beasts harm, flower of promotion, farm products of introduction support, local production for local consumption of improvement in production expansion, quality measures, new technology of high-quality fruit tree
  •   Production support 

 Making of vegetables production center support group Tel: 0968-74-2193

  •   Use of production promotion, instruction of vegetables, important pest measures and agriculture security promotion, promotion of green agriculture, environmental conservation type agriculture

Rural Development Division

Tel :0968-74-2141
Fax :0968-74-1693
e-Mail: [email protected]

 Maintenance adjustment group    Tel: 0968-74-2141

  •   Land improvement enterprise, land readjustment of farmland, farm road maintenance business, acreage of a plot of land investigation, intermediate and mountainous area synthesis maintenance business

 Maintenance group     Tel: 0968-74-2139

  •   Basic supply of water facility business, farmland disaster prevention (the shore, flooding prevention, disaster) 

Tsutomu Hayashi section

Tel :0968-74-2138
Fax :0968-74-2840
e-Mail: [email protected]

 Tsutomu Hayashi group

  •   Forestry promotion, the spread instruction, forestry conservancy, forest road, conservation of nature

Department of Civil Engineering

Maintenance Coordination Division

Tel :0968-74-2143
Fax :0968-74-2249
e-Mail: [email protected]

  • General adjustment of engineering works business

 Management general affairs group       Tel: 0968-74-2143

  •   Regulation such as property of a shogun family (road, river, harbor) management, outdoor advertising matter, special vehicle 

 Maintenance adjustment group       Tel: 0968-74-2164

  •   Road maintenance repair, road safety facility maintenance 

Site section

Tel :0968-74-2146
Fax :0968-74-2249
e-Mail: [email protected]

  •  The site purchase pertaining to public construction

Engineering works section

Tel :0968-74-2159
Fax :0968-74-2249
e-Mail: [email protected]

 Road group        Tel: 0968-74-2159

  •   Road improvement 

 River improvement harbor group Tel: 0968-74-2147

  •   River improvement, erosion control, harbor maintenance

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Tamana Area Promotion Bureau
Telephone: 0968-74-2112
Fax: 0968-74-2116
Email [email protected]
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