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ARA! List of tamakina greens capital participation stores

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Arao palpitation city

 Fresh security, relief is cheap! We prepare handmade artefact using local farm products and farm products of own house cultivation.

jusyo 106-1, Kamiide, Arao-shitell 0968-66-3730time from 8:30 to 17:30 (as for from April to September until 18:00)kyujitu August 15 and 16, from December 31 to January 5shisetsu toilet, guidebook

ichioshi Mix; rice mix pop rice cracker, oshikida miso, fresh egg, Arao rice

ibento April: Bamboo shoot and wild plants festival, August: Tray bargain sale, November: Autumn harvest festival, December: New Year holidays bargain sale

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JA tamana i- glitter

 We sell JA tamana original shochu (kiramekirokku) and various farm products with confidence. We have the side dishes and ten thousand tenth class abundantly in shop and are waiting.

jusyo Muda store: 5-1, Rokuta, Tamana-shi Tsukiji store: 2137-1, Yamada, Tamana-shitell Muda store: 0968-72-5796 Tsukiji store: 0968-72-1533time from 9:30 to 18:00 (until Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 17:00)kyujitu January 1-4

ichioshi Strawberry, tomato, mini-tomato, salad snap, kiramekirokku

ibento Muda store May: Thanksgiving Day, August: Tray sale, December: Year-end sale
       Tsukiji store November: Thanksgiving Day

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Oldness and center Y, BOX

 Local fresh greengrocery assembles in full force! If it is strawberry, tomato, mini-tomato, leave it to me. We accept local shipment such as greengrocery harvested in Yokoshima.

jusyo 1716, Yokoshimamachiyokoshima, Tamana-shi (along Route 501 the Yokoshima Elementary School front)tell 0968-84-3700time from 9:00 to 18:00kyujitu New Year's Dayshisetsu toilet, break, statement corner

ichioshi Strawberry, tomato, strawberry picking

ibento December: Sunday second in cymbidium fair, December: Y, BOX Festival

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Village O city (gomaruichi)

 Fresh security, relief; is delicious! Direct sale place that woman doing her best operates. We offer taste of local cuisine and good old Momma with promotion of local production for local consumption, local farm products and sincerely offer hospitality to customer. "Flower of mandarin orange opens restaurant in April, 2010, too".

jusyo 1977-1, Tensuimachitachibana, Tamana-shi (Route 501 goes)tell 0968-82-5022time from 8:30 to 18:00 (as for from November to January until 17:00)kyujitu midday of December 31 - January 4shisetsu toilet, restaurant

ichioshi Tomato, strawberry, mandarin oranges

ibento January: Rice porridge with seven cereals, April: Birth festival, August: Experience-based play fair, November: Harvest festival

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Kusamakura Onsen tensui

  Village of mandarin orange and sleeping in the open air! Farm products direct sale place that there was and installed in hill of the ground of Oama that became stage of novel "sleeping in the open air" of Soseki Natsume in spa facility.

jusyo 511-1, Tensuimachioama, Tamana-shitell 0968-82-4500time from 10:00 to 21:00kyujitu no fixed holidayshisetsu toilet, break, statement corner, restaurant, spa facility, accommodations, grand golf

ichioshi Intricate design (aya) purple potato dumpling, Mikanmochi, mandarin orange honey, mango jelly

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Hill interchange center of contact

 Direct sale place to see the Shinkansen from open-air bath! We sell local fresh vegetables, fruit in interchange center with bathing facility. We sell "honey Rosa ice" using plum of special product in the town block.

jusyo The 372, Konoha, Gyokuto-machitell 0968-85-6551time from 9:30 to 21:40 (until interchange center 22:00)kyujitu every month first and third Monday (in the case of holiday the next day), New Year's Dayshisetsu toilet, break, statement corner, spa facility

ichioshi Honey Rosa ice, sugar mitsu

ibento April: Sakura Festival

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Kikusui romance building

 Hall of the beauty and health and flower! Facility to be able to enjoy product, hot spring, restaurant canoe experience, camping. Staying in old folk house experience is possible in private house village, too.

jusyo 455, Eta, Nagomi-machitell 0968-86-3100time from 9:00 to 20:00 (hot spring from 9:00 to 21:30, restaurant from 11:00 to 20:00)kyujitu from December 31 to January 1shisetsu toilet, guidebook, spa facility, restaurant, canoe experience, camping

ichioshi Quit; tofu, Ikinaridango, handmade konjac

ibento First Saturday and Sunday: Tofu festival, second Saturday and Sunday: Customer thanks day, third Saturday and Sunday: Egg fair, fourth Saturday and Sunday: Ten thousand ten fairs, moon fire card member egg present

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Green Aya building

 We buy fresh vegetables while healing heart among village forests. Then, we meet stomach at adjacent hot spring, restaurant and soak in hot water flowing constantly from the source, and would it you like to come to be on means means smooth skin?

jusyo Wednesdayshisetsu toilet first for 768-1, Otaguro, Nagomi-machitell 0968-34-4221time from 9:00 to 18:00 (as for from April to October until 19:00)kyujitu, break, statement corner, guidebook, spa facility, restaurant

ichioshi Raise by raw dumpling with apiosu, apiosu karinto, fresh egg, south Seki, shochu Shigeru products

ibento March: Hot spring festival, November: Harvest festival

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yasai field

 Farmhouse direct sale place that we founded to have farmers concentrated, and it was fresh, and many of you taste farm products of relief. For feelings and true heart that other place does not have, we suggest a certain colorful living with customer.

jusyo 674-1, Kobaru, Nankan-machitell 0968-53-3399time from 9:00 to 19:00kyujitu from 1 to 3 on Januaryshisetsu toilet, break, statement corner

ichioshi Middle ball tomato, bamboo shoot, eggplant, Ikinaridango, rice flour bread

ibento March: Bamboo shoot Festival, October: Bargain sale, November of new rice: Autumn harvest festival, January 4: New Year's sale

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It is village lively

 Lively cheerful shop! Shop which sends surprise and impression of agriculture to customer.

jusyo Restroom for 419-1, Sekimachi, Nankan-machitell 0968-53-2887time from 9:00 to 19:00kyujitu without holidayshisetsu, break, statement corner

ichioshi Regional use of 100% of wheat bread, bamboo shoot, use of local vegetables lunch

ibento Saturday and Sunday second in November: Saturday and Sunday lively first in festival, March: Foundation celebration

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moyaino-go "sale center"

 Direct sale place for purpose of life structure of elderly person! Because relief and producer decide price by security as neighboring producer brings up agriculture and forestry product at garden, we are conscientious.

jusyo 1830-1, Kamisakashita, Nankan-machitell 09068-65-1112time from 9:30 to 18:00kyujitu from 1 to 3 on Januaryshisetsu toilet

ichioshi Play handmade pickle, kakarikan of south Seki; rice, rice confectionery my woman

ibento November: Thanksgiving Day

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