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It is collection of links to homepages such as municipalities or group connected with Kamoto-gun city. We publish any place other than the homepage of the local government when we introduce local sightseeing information mainly. (we open with window according to ※ all.)

Kumamoto (formally) homepage http://www.pref.kumamoto.jp/ It is official homepage of Kumamoto. Every information of Kumamoto connection is placed and can download applications.
Yamaga-shi (formally) homepage
Former "Yamaga-shi" "Kahokumachi" "Kikukamachi" "Kamotomachi" "Kaomachi" was merged on January 15, 2005, and new "Yamaga-shi" was born.
Ueki-cho (formally) homepage
It is official homepage of Ueki-cho.
Ueki, Yamaga integrated administration of a large region desk work association http://www.yamagaueki.hinokuni-net.jp/ It is sightseeing information nope ji making in Ueki, Yamaga integrated administration of a large region desk work association. It is fun structure that there are picture-story shows such as seasonal event information or local folktale to be carried out in each municipality.
Kumamoto Prefectural ornamental tumulus building
It comprises "imagination hall" broadcasting life of the ancients in three-dimensional vision, and, "ornamental tumulus room" which reproduced ornamental tumulus, ancient picture classroom or earthenware craftsman are experience-based museums to be able to learn, too.
Historical park ball intellect castle
Excavation is carried out from 1967. Four buildings (drum tower, Yonekura, barracks, Itakura of octagonal building) were restored, and guidance facility "searching the old construction building opened in H14 now, too".
Yamaga Onsen Sightseeing Association
It is official homepage of Yamaga Onsen Sightseeing Association.
Yamaga Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Under net shopping mall construction! Please use.
Kumamoto business and industry society (Kamoto, Kikuchi, Tamana)
It is page introducing around Kamoto area in prefectural business and industry society page to.
Yachiyo-za official site
Information of playhouse "Yachiyo-za" built in the Meiji era is this.
The Kikuchi River basin alliance
We were formed for the purpose of inhabitants representative and 21 basins purifying river.
Yamaga, garden plant regional sightseeing campaign "on, village, hot water" (on, rii is called)
Town where hot water is hot people area, Yamaga, garden plant. We suggest trip that Yamaga, garden plant regional sightseeing campaign is wonderful this winter in "on, village, bath" (on, rii is called).
We walk with professional reciter of history and "go round ways of time"
It links historical heritages such as Tabaruzaka, Kohei temple, ornamental tumulus building, Yachiyo-za, ball intellect castle, and "professional reciter" guide "way of time" with video.
Kamoto-gun City Medical Association
We can question doctor of rest Hiari house on-duty doctor and medical association participation nearby.
Kyushu agriculture and forestry fisheries information network http://www.kyushu.maff.go.jp/rin/kyushu_index.html We aim at food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry of Kyushu, portal site of Noyama fishing village information.
Oh, too unpleasant is appearance of a house network
Hayashiya and lumbering, authorized architect, engineering firm will realize thought of people living by bricks and the making of house which was particular about material naturally of paper in network to suggest house using "ayasugi" called Queen of cedar.
The forest, forestry of Kamoto
It is homepage introducing the forest and forestry of Yamaga, Ueki area to.
Forestry owners' association federations of the whole countryhttp://www.zenmori.org It is the forest and forest and someone's general information site.
The forest building of child
Welcome to museum of forest.
Kumamoto sightseeing site "relief travelogue Kumamoto"
It is sightseeing in Kumamoto synthesis site.

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