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General affairs promotion section

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Aso Area Promotion Bureau 
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In general affairs promotion section, we perform desk work about election such as maintenance of the local disaster prevention system, promotion of community improvement, promotion of sightseeing, correspondence to merger of cities, towns and villages, the formation of gender equality society, storing of prefectural tax other than general adjustment, accounting in Regional Promotion Bureau.

Maintenance of the local disaster prevention system

We hold the Aso district anti-disaster measures meeting where the municipalities and meteorological observatory, the police, related organizations including firefighting gather in a hall to establish the disaster prevention system of Aso area, and discussion confirms correspondence, cooperation at the time of disaster occurrence.
In addition, we perform collection and transmission of disaster information, liaison and adjustment with related organizations when disaster occurs.

Promotion of community improvement

We make Shinkansen Kumamoto and organize project Aso area promotion office meeting to fix the eyes on Kyushu Shinkansen whole line opening of the spring of 2011, and to plan promotion of community improvement of Aso area and push forward various approaches. At the same time, we perform support by various systems including subsidy for each municipalities or community improvement groups in the jurisdiction and push forward attractive community improvement utilized local resources.

Make Shinkansen Kumamoto; homepage

    Meeting scenery
    Meeting of community improvement group

Promotion of sightseeing

Aso area is the prefecture that tourists more than 18 million a year visit's greatest sightseeing spot, but we propose form of new trip to touch Aso of the real face based on needs of tourist in these days leisurely slowly, Aso caldera tourism and push forward approach for further charm up of sightseeing in Aso.
※ With Aso caldera tourism
Generic name of "town tourism" to enjoy encounter and interchange with people of Aso while "green tourism" touching life of people living through experience at farm village or ranch in Aso "ecotourism" to enjoy Nature with local guide who knew everything about Aso takes a walk through mall and cityscape.

    The Mt. Naka-dake crater
    The Mt. Naka-dake crater

Response to merger of cities, towns and villages

By great merger of Heisei, Aso-shi, Minamiaso-mura were born in Aso area in February, 2005. However, there is still severe thing, and the situation to surround further progress of decentralization, progress of population decline, low birthrate and aging, expansion of life sphere, the municipalities including complexity, diversification of administrative needs performs support for new merger of cities, towns and villages including aggressive reporting for the municipalities.

Merger of cities, towns and villages homepage

The formation of gender equality society

While man and woman shares responsibility together based on Kumamoto gender equality plan "harmony plan Kumamoto 21", for realization of gender equality society which can show individuality and ability, we organize "aso gender equality area network" by inhabitants and staff of municipalities other than development support of the municipalities gender equality plan and work on enlightenment activities such as gender equality promotion collaboration business.

    PDF Aso area questionnaire report of investigation [PDF file/1.12MB] about gender equality

               Kumamoto gender equalities "form a line"; homepage

    The business operation situation
    The gender equality promotion collaboration business operation situation in Takamori-machi

Storing of prefectural tax

We move to Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters by organization reorganization from April 1, 2013 to plan improvement in specialty of tax practice duties about collectorship (except window duties) of prefectural tax of Aso area, and to promote tax practice administration trusted with fairness, fairness.
※We would like consultation of inquiry and the tax payment about prefectural tax to the nearest Regional Administrative Headquarters.
※Even each Regional Promotion Bureau performs window duties (storing of prefectural tax, issuance of tax payment certificate) other than each Regional Administrative Headquarters as before. In addition, department in charge becomes general affairs promotion section because Taxation Division is abolished from April.

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Aso Area Promotion Bureau
Telephone: 0967-22-1110
Fax: 0967-22-4103
Email assoumu25@pref.kumamoto.lg.jp
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