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About Minamata, Ashikita area "consciousness enlightenment support program about dentistry"

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About Minamata, Ashikita area "consciousness enlightenment support program about dentistry"

 We install Minamata, Ashikita area dentistry health Network (chairperson: Chairperson Minamata, Ashikita-gun City dentist) to examine approach policy that cooperated with related organizations such as health, medical care, the welfare for the purpose of improvement of dentistry hygiene in Minamata, Ashikita area.

About "consciousness enlightenment support program about dentistry" that we devised in 2004, we revised program to have all of the local related organizations utilize widely. As you perform dispatch of lecturer depending on request when workshop about dentistry or study session of the staff are held in local nursery school, kindergarten, school, company, care insurance facility, please utilize positively.

Styles such as contents or application of program are as follows.


The consciousness enlightenment support program conduct point about 1 dentistry
Consciousness enlightenment support program about 2 dentistry
3 style 1 "support program applications about dentistry"

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