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gambarou Kumamoto Kuma, Hitoyoshi is fine!

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gambarou Kumamoto Kuma, Hitoyoshi is fine!

 To the sweetfish fishing removal of a ban of the Kuma River of June 1, we prepared yukata of unification design with it was "cherry tree meeting" to make with proprietress of hot-spring hotel of Hitoyoshi-shi and began hospitality of tourist. Commencing with this approach, we develop promotion activity in each place to send spirit of Kumamoto from Kuma, Hitoyoshi.

 In Kuma, Hitoyoshi area, tourist facility is open commencing with coming season particularly punting, rafting becoming popular and Japan inheritance authorized last year as usual, too. In addition, come here by all means as communication runs as usual.



Young proprietress dressed in yukata Rafting

Young proprietress dressed in yukata



Bungee jumpingMt. Ichifusa trekking

Bungee jumping

Mt. Ichifusa trekking


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