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Each "blessing photo contest from the sea" prize prize winner decision!

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The grand prix "silver wave"

 Charm of the beautiful sea of Minamata, Ashikita was handed down, and featured the theme of "the sea" which had feel that wanted to come, "give from the sea, and hold photo contest" for the first time (from December 1, 2016 to February 10, 2017), is the public section from the prefectural inside and outside: 301 works, Instagram section: We add up 329 works: We had application of 630 works.

 As we decided prize winner of each prize as follows, after selection by examination committee which assumes four people including photograph expert member, we will tell.

 About prize winner, we will decide to plan utilization with tourist brochure or poster of Minamata, Ashikita in future.


Prize winner

General section

The grand prix    "Silver wave"    Hidetoshi Fujiwara

It is Takaaki Fukuda the associate grand prix "bluer than indigo plant"

"Can be saved by Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau prize by the sea breeze"; and Akira Moriguchi 14
Other Hisatsu Orange Railway prizes: 1 work, photosynchronized prize: 3 works, award for excellence: 20 works


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     The grand prix "silver wave"         The associate grand prix "is bluer than indigo plant"     Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau prize "catches the sea breeze" and

 The grand prix "silver wave"    The associate grand prix "is bluer than indigo plant"   Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau prize "catches the sea breeze" and

※You can see photograph when we click work name.



 Work name

 Full name (honorific title abbreviation)



 Work name 

 Full name (honorific title abbreviation)

 No. 1The grand prix Silver wave With new window Hidetoshi Fujiwara No. 2 The associate grand prix It is bluer than indigo plant With new window Takaaki Fukuda
 No. 3 Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau prize Receive the sea breeze With new window Akira Moriguchi 14 No. 4 Hisatsu Orange Railway prize It is so rouorenji railroad leisurely With new window Noboru Yamashita
 No. 5 Photosynchronized prize Be wrapped in the sky with this sea With new window Yusaku Shiiba No. 6 Photosynchronized prize The sea of shining treasure With new window Shinsuke Hayashi
 No. 7 Photosynchronized prize Magic hour With new window Kensuke Machino No. 8 Award for excellence Memory of the marine bioluminescence sea With new window Hikaru Aizawa Hiroshi
 No. 9 Award for excellence In light With new window Yosuke Iwahashi No. 10 Award for excellence Winter arrival ... going storm With new window Masumi Osaki
 No. 11 Award for excellence Father sometimes wants to eat meat With new window Ryuta Owatari No. 12 Award for excellence Blessing of the sea With new window Hiroko Katagiri
 No. 13 Award for excellence Sea fog (kearashi) With new window Kikuo Kido No. 14 Award for excellence Scene, hitotsutonarite With new window Takayuki Koba
 No. 15 Award for excellence It is night view with fireworks of child of hot water With new window Koshiro Sakuma No. 16 Award for excellence Pray With new window Koichi Shigeno
 No. 17 Award for excellence The child shore of hot water With new window Eiji Niihori No. 18 Award for excellence The thank you Akasaki small With new window Yusuke Takamine
 No. 19 Award for excellence Space in sardine basket With new window Gotaro Takenaka No. 20 Award for excellence Boundary of time With new window Ai Taniyama
 No. 21 Award for excellence House road to island With new window sen々iwa* No. 22 Award for excellence We let you shoot and return in triumph With new window Ryuji Tsurusaka
 No. 23 Award for excellence It stagnates in evening With new window Shoji Horiuchi No. 24 Award for excellence Place that feels at ease With new window Makoto Morishita
 No. 25 Award for excellence Paradise With new window Shuichi Yamamoto No. 26 Award for excellence Moor; ship With new window Tatsuo Yamamoto
 No. 27 Award for excellence Go off to dreamland With new window kichiimaki    



Instagram section

Grand prix Makoto Morishita ※There is no work name in Instagram section

Other photosynchronized prizes: 3 works, award for excellence: 20 works


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     The grand prix

 The grand prix

※You can see photograph when we click prize winner (Instagram account).



 Prize winner (Instagram account)



 Prize winner (Instagram account)

 No. 1 The grand prix minamatasea With new window No. 2 Photosynchronized prize reiko_iia With new window
 No. 3 Photosynchronized prize keiko.i.photo With new window No. 4 Photosynchronized prize sa_ryu127 With new window
 No. 5 Award for excellence wind_of_hisatsu With new window No. 6 Award for excellence aya6115 With new window
 No. 7 Award for excellence satoru4812 With new window No. 8 Award for excellence taka.macchan With new window
 No. 9 Award for excellence y.masato With new window No. 10 Award for excellence ta6825 With new window
 No. 11 Award for excellence akie7003 With new window No. 12 Award for excellence tsuruzee With new window
 No. 13 Award for excellence saa2846 With new window No. 14 Award for excellence waka.57418 With new window
 No. 15 Award for excellence tanaka.333333 With new window No. 16 Award for excellence yuuk1.g With new window
 No. 17 Award for excellence mffmasa With new window No. 18 Award for excellence noriko_matsumura With new window
 No. 19 Award for excellence sei_ryu07 With new window No. 20 Award for excellence titi0112 With new window
 No. 21 Award for excellence nyankichi634 With new window No. 22 Award for excellence chiro_fukuyama With new window
 No. 23 Award for excellence meiaor With new window No. 24 Award for excellence ryosan2015 With new window



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