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Do you not go to see cruise passenger boat calling at a port of Yatsushiro Port?

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Do you not go to see cruise passenger boat calling at a port of Yatsushiro Port?


 We established visit place of cruise passenger boat to have you feel cruise passenger boat from foreign countries that called at a port of Yatsushiro Port by citizens of the prefecture in Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters close, and to plan breeding in the time to give citizen of the prefecture, and to welcome visitor.

 As Yatsushiro outport was freight port, we were doing approach regulation of general vehicle, and the harbor facilities did not throw open on the day of the call at a port either, but came to be able to observe cruise passenger boat with the cooperation of land manager for the first time this time in Oshimamachi, Yatsushiro-shi for general various places.

 In visit place, pattern that is background is ship with length of about 3 times of the prefectural office main building ※We can see this and, also, can enjoy the setting sun setting in the sea together in the evening of day when it was fine. (in the case of ※ 160,000 tonner)

 Do you not go to see cruise passenger boat with family, friend by all means?


(cruise passenger boat judging from visit ground)

Cruise passenger boat


Summary of 1 visit place

 1) The location
   4820, Oshimamachi, Yatsushiro-shi Oshima Golf Club site (the present situation: vacant land)

       [manager of land] Oshima golfers' club's representative director Kinoshita Ikue


 2) Can observe; time

   While cruise passenger boat anchors in Yatsushiro Port (around 8:00 a.m. - around 8:00 p.m.)

   ※Time varies according to call at a port days.

   ※It is time to in-service start (April, 2020 plan) of cruise passenger boat passenger terminal.

         ※Parking lot of Oshima Golf Club is available.


 3) Instructions on using the visit ground

   ◆We do not take responsibility about accident, theft, trouble in visit place at all.

   ◆Please refrain from acts becoming annoying to the circumference such as the noise.


(map around the visit place)


Port call schedule of 2 future

 Please confirm from the following pages.




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