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We began display of industrial products in the JR Shin-Yatsushiro Station yard

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State of product display


We began display of industrial products in the JR Shin-Yatsushiro Station yard

 With the cooperation of JR Shin-Yatsushiro Station, it was made in the city in the station yard and, in 5 companies and Kumamoto Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters, Yatsushiro-shi in Yatsushiro-shi, decided to display the following products which we boasted of share high at home and abroad to by technique that we advanced to.

 These five companies take root in Yatsushiro area for a long time and employ many employees, and Yatsushiro area contributes as pillar supporting economy and industry of this prefectural all, and eventually. We appeal to people inside and outside the prefecture to visit by Shinkansen for manufacturing town Yatsushiro and think that we want to be made in Yatsushiro-shi, and the world to know product developing widely.


1 product display company and product

 Kohjin film & chemical Yatsushiro factory: Plastic film (for packing such as pot noodles) 

 Nippon Paper Industries Ltd. Yatsushiro factory        : Copying paper (paper becoming tree)

 Mercian Corp. Yatsushiro factory       : Eight kinds of Yatsushiro marine bioluminescence storehouse shochu 

 YAMAHA Kumamoto products      : Yamaha outboard motor F25GWHL (25HP)

 YKK AP Kyushu factory        : Resin window, aluminum resin compound window cut sample three kinds



2 display start dates

 From start date Tuesday, January 22, 2019 (Heisei 31)

 Two places of the up line stairs side in place JR Shin-Yatsushiro Station yard (1) east exit doorway side (2) wicket


Conduct is driven by 3

 ◆Five companies mentioned above

 ◆Kumamoto Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters





State of 4 product display


The east exit doorway sideThe up line stairs side in wicket
(1) The east exit doorway side(2) The up line stairs side in wicket





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