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We were accepted to the Kumamoto prefecture for the first time smart meal (healthy meal)!

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It was the first in the prefecture and was accepted for healthy meal

We were accepted to the Kumamoto prefecture for the first time smart meal (healthy meal).

   We were accepted to Kumamoto prefecture first *, smart meal (healthy meal)!                           Photograph is grant-style state of the certification book


  We developed male oriented menu to think about nourishment balance, and to want to eat well in cooperation with Kumamoto dietician society Minamata area Division to support health promotion of work generation in Minamata, Ashikita area (10 stores, 14 menus). We applied for examination of "healthy meal, meal environment" comprised by 11 associated academic conferences including nourishment improvement association in Japan consortium, and menu which we developed was accepted as the prefecture's first smart meal. (restaurant having the principal office in * Kumamoto)
 Do all of you not eat smart meal by all means, too?
 *Advance reservations are necessary.


    Offer menu and store are this                  Of mustache show            Glitter on the surface of the water company restaurant




   [standard of smart meal]

  (1)Amount of energy (calorie) per one meal, less than 450kcal - 650kcal, have with two kinds of 650kcal - 850kcal "well" "properly".

  (2)Combination of dishes assumes two kinds of "staple food + main dish + vice-greens" pattern and "staple food + side dishes" (main dish, vice-greens) pattern.

  (3)Nutrient (protein: P, lipid: F, carbohydrates: C) which becomes energy mix ratio of one meal (PFC%E) among total energy,

   It is said that protein 13 - 20%E, lipid 20 - 30%E, range of carbohydrate 50 - 60%E are inner.

  (4)It is said that salt substantial amount is less than 3.5 g less than 3.0 g "well" "properly".

  (5)We use vegetables 140 g or more.

  (6)It is desirable to take in milk, dairy products, fruit appropriately.

  (7)Do not use material for the purpose of contributing to use of specific health.



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