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Road, river volunteer beautification activity excellence group commendation that Kuma area is edition in 2019 (Raiwa 1)

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[commendation to citizen of the prefecture volunteer beautification activity of Kuma Area Promotion Bureau management road, river]

 In Kumamoto, we carry out business to support beautification activities such as cleaning, weeding, planting that volunteer group performs for the purpose of planning uplift of consciousness for the spread of beautification activities of road, river and beautification of road, river of citizen of the prefecture in prefectural management road, the river.
  Road: Road clean volunteer business  
  River: Kumamoto, my river support business
 Achievement of volunteer activity in the business newly mentioned above was remarkable and, in Kuma Area Promotion Bureau, decided to commend other groups which gave a good example as excellence group of Kuma areas from this year, and, at this time, 3 next groups were won.


(receiving a prize group and activity area)

○ Kumamoto Bank Hitoyoshi Branch :Route 445, prefectural road Hitoyoshi station line [Nakaaoimachi, Hitoyoshi-shi - Kamiaoimachi]

 ○ Sakae construction      : Prefectural road Mizukami, Hitoyoshi Line         [Fukadahigashi, Asagiri-cho, Kuma-gun] 
 ○ Meeting of chest Kawase sound       : Chest river             [Higashiaidakamimachi, Hitoyoshi-shi - Fumotocho]


[commendation ceremony]

 Commendation ceremony was held in Kuma Area Promotion Bureau Manager Doki room on Monday, June 3.

 In commendation ceremony, forest Manager Doki conferred testimonial on representative of each group. 

 Manager Mori was greeting and stated, "we thank that it was contributed to community improvement that arrival feeling was good again that the community space of road, river was fixed including group won this time by beautification activity of many volunteer groups, and was comfortable to live in.".

   In addition, from prize winner, "it wants to continue moving into action continuously in the future." "It continues moving into action, and there is feeling that garbage decreased." by Some said, it "was appreciated that we became beautiful after mowing, by neighboring person if comfortable.".


                                                                      Photograph: From the left side, it is forest Manager Doki, horse ice Kumamoto bank manager, Sakae Yamaguchi construction president, meeting Chairperson Nishida of chest Kawase sound                  
                                                       Photograph: From the left side Hiroshi Mori Manager Doki, umahyo*kanakumahonginkoshitencho,     

                                                     Eiji Yamaguchi Sakae construction president, meeting's chairperson of Yuji Nishida chest Kawase sound                       


[summary of reference prefecture volunteer beautification activity support project]

(activity section)

・In the area of prefectural management road, river, it is almost beautification work such as cleaning, weeding, planting to pass more than 100m, and to perform.

(support contents)

 (1)Issue of tool necessary for beautification activity.

 (2)Assistance to participation expense of accident insurance of person of activity.

 (3)Setting of signboard about beautification activity.










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