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To apply for securing of house stipend [general affairs employee services]

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With securing of 1 house stipend
It is retired employee and, in with ability for working and working will, provides with house support payment as rent such as lease houses targeting at person losing house or which we might lose for principle three months (and sometimes up to nine months) and performs support for reemployment.
Payment of 2 house support allowance eligible people (corresponding to all the following requirements)
・Person within two years after quitting a job and people under 65
・Losing house or thing that we might lose.
・Having been person of living maintenance that was main before quitting a job. (when we become person of main living maintenance by divorces after quitting a job, we include)
・The amount of income of relative living together boiling one applicant and applicant and living, the amount of deposits and savings being fixed amount of money or less.
・There being will of ability for working and common use employment, and looking for a job, and applying to public employment security office or thing that, in fact, we perform.
・Relative living together boiling applicant and applicant and one living do not catch similar loan, payment for the poverty retired employee in houses which loan, payment, local government by the employment measure of country carry out.
・Applicant, applicant and both relative living together boiling one living do not be gangsters.
3 benefit periods
 Principle three months (when we meet constant condition, we can extend until up to nine months)

Reception hours is from 9:00 to 16:00
In addition, as for the person living in Hitoyoshi-shi, Hitoyoshi-shi government office employee services (Tel 0966-22-2111) become window.

Contact information
 Kuma Area Promotion Bureau general affairs employee services Tel 0966-22-1040    

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