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It releases plan ticket "Kumamoto prefecture south gururinkippu" especially!

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 Free-to-ride all Kumamoto railroad 3 line that see, and runs in Kumamoto south area in 3 railroad tour campaign executive committees (Kumamoto Southern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters, Kyushu Railway Company Kumamoto branch office, Hisatsu Orange Railway, Kumagawa Railway) for two days in period; "release plan ticket "Kumamoto prefecture south gururinkippu" as memory ticket of hard ticket type particularly.
 In addition, we decided to cancel in consideration of influence of new model coronavirus infectious disease about campaign that advantageous service that planned conduct in addition could receive for the time being.
 We will tell about start time on our homepage.

Summary of "Kumamoto prefecture south gururinkippu"

◆Product name special plan ticket "Kumamoto prefecture south gururinkippu"
◆Release period from Saturday, March 14, 2020 to Saturday, May 30 ※The use until Sunday, May 31
◆Amount of release 2,700 yen ※1,000 copies-limited
◆Release station JR Kyushu/Shin-Yatsushiro Station (window of the Shinkansen green), Shin-Minamata Station (green window)
       hi* □ orenji railroad/Yatsushiro Station, Minamata Station
       Kumagawa Railway/Hitoyoshi-Onsen Station
       ※There is no release at Yatsushiro Station of JR Kyushu and Hitoyoshi Station.
       ※About business hours, please ask each station.
◆Use section JR Kyushu/Shin-Yatsushiro Station - Yoshimatsu Station (Kagoshima Main Line, Hisatsu Line)
       hi* □ orenji railroad/Yatsushiro Station - Fukuro Station
       Kumagawa Railway/Hitoyoshi-Onsen Station - Yunomae Station
◆It is available for two days within setting period for validity ※We cannot use 1 ticket piece in two people.
 ・As commemorative ticket of hard ticket type, we set on mount and release.
 ・Ticket turn "0001" releases at Shin-Yatsushiro Station.
 ・We mail and do not accept. It releases only at the release station.
 ・It becomes the end of the release as soon as it disappears.
 ・During the same period, we were going to carry out campaign that wonderful service could receive when we presented this ticket in target facility of the Kumamoto south,
  In consideration of influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, we cancel for the time being. In addition, we will tell about start time on our homepage.
 ・As, in trip magazine "pocket notebook April issue of trip" (the March 10 release) (published by Transportation News Co., Ltd.), proofreading of cancellation of this campaign is not enough
  We will tell.
  Ticket omote  The back of the ticket



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