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[Minamata, Ashikita area employment creation meeting] We support tuition of skill successor upbringing seminar

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Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau 
TEL: 0966-82-2522 
FAX: 0966-82-3596 
Email [email protected]

 We support tuition of the following skill class in full to create job opportunity to the field of various industry by learning skill that can play an active part in the wide field to agriculture, forestry, construction industry, manufacturing industry in Minamata, Ashikita area employment creation meeting.


1 eligible person

 ・Person who is resident in Minamata, Ashikita area

 ・(going to work) worked at in Minamata, Ashikita area


The training, capacity that is targeted for 2

 The following training that are carried out in association of Kumamoto labor standards and association of prevention of forestry, wood manufacturing industry work-related accident Kumamoto Branch

 ・Crane driving skill class (the fixed number: ten) operation-style in floor

 ・Tower wagon driving skill class (the fixed number: ten)

 ・We lecture on skill for ball (the fixed number: ten)

 ・Small mobile crane driving skill class (the fixed number: ten)

  ※In detailed holding schedule, please confirm on the following homepages about application periods.

   Association of Kumamoto labor standards (http://www.kumaroukikyo.or.jp/)

   Association of prevention of forestry, wood manufacturing industry work-related accident Kumamoto Branch (https://www.rinsaibou-kumamoto.jp/)

  ※When there is application more than the fixed number, we may not receive the furtherance.


3 furtherance amounts of money

 The total amount of tuition (transportation expenses or other expenses are excluded)

 But we cannot support when we were absent from failure, class, and completion test cannot acquire qualification.


Flow of 4 grant applications

 (1) Student attending a lecture offers grant application to this meeting by FAX, email.

   Application informs of the skill successor upbringing seminar tuition furtherance (PDF: 158.2 kilobytes) We open with the other window

 (2) We pay attendance application and the training tuition, and student attending a lecture attends the training.

 (3) Within one month from the training end day, we submit identification of completion, receipt (we copy all) of tuition, account transfer offer book to our meeting.

 (4) We pay grant to student attending a lecture from this meeting. (it takes around 2-4 weeks.)


5 applications, inquiry

 Minamata, Ashikita area employment creation meeting


 2670, Ashikita, Ashikita-machi, Ashikitagun (the Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau general affairs promotion section)

 TEL: 0966-82-5572

 FAX: 0966-82-3596

 e-mail: [email protected]




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Ashikita Area Promotion Bureau
Telephone: 0966-82-2522
Fax: 0966-82-3596
Email [email protected]
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